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Nipples, navels, noses, balls, cockhead, and perineum are only a few of the places people put shiny bits of metal. The Puncture Gallery is a great place to find out more about body art and piercings. But for those who are into it, it can slash writer sextips gay an incredible experience.

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Sex without all the bullshit, no talking, no strings, no emotional garbage, just pure sex. Glory holes slash writer sextips gay holes in walls, sometimes in public bathrooms though I've never actually seen one in a public building or in sex clubs.

You stick your cock through, and someone sucks it.

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No faces, no names. Some people get off on the tang of danger in public or semi-public sex. Rest stops, parks, bus stations.

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The Aussies call them "beats", the Brits "tearooms", whatever the name, they are places all over the world where men gather to have sex. They spring up organically, no slash writer sextips gay plans them. Usually found in neighborhoods with high concentrations of gay men, but also in areas where there are no gay bars or other places where we can gather.

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These aren't just places to get your rocks off, for some men in slash writer sextips gay communities or who are deeply closeted, these may be the only contact they have with other gays. Sex isn't always about emotion for men.

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Biologically we're programmed to try to spread our seed as slash writer sextips gay as we can, to maximize our potential for reproduction. Culturally this manifests in the difference between a "slut" and a "stud". When a woman is promiscuous, she's a slut. When a guy does it, he's a stud though calling a gay guy a slut or tramp is a compliment. April, - Somebody recently took offence at this previous paragraph.

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Just to make things perfectly clear to sexxtips of you who might not have understood - I am not calling promiscuous women sluts. I am pointing out the fact that our culture labels them such.

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Like anyone else with a lick of sense, I think it's stupid, and it's clearly a double standard. But then, you already knew that, didn't you? What makes something kinky?

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