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Let it rip boy As we shall see, however, neither partner is completely free from gender ambiguity or queer homosocial desire.

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The differences between the two buddies are differences of degree rather than kind. This fluidity or jason mewes gay prisoner of boundaries around masculine gendering and the sexual queerness it so frequently connotes is a result of a cultural disparity in how male sexuality and gender roles are conceived in mason first place.

As discussed in the Introduction, according to Eve Kosofsky Jason mewes gay prisoner, a methodist church gay ministers or gap has been imposed upon the homosocial continuum for males in Western culture. This gap exists to separate abject or queer sexualities from the normative heterocentrist imperatives that privilege white male Christian heterosexuality and undergird patriarchal power in the West.

Through the encompassing figure of the closet, a structure rife with contradictions that nevertheless functions as the "defining structure for gay oppression in this century" Epistemology 71these gaps and incoherences priisoner the male homosocial continuum reify the power of a patriarchy founded upon the homophobic abjection of its constituitive "other," the queer or not-exclusively-heterosexual man.

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jason mewes gay prisoner Clerks emerges in an historical period when the rise of queer media visibility, and an increased public awareness of-if not sympathy with-the existence and rights of queer persons, is well underway. Along with increasing social and economic gains by women and people of color, the rise of queer cultural visibility further destabilizes white masculinity's hold upon the privileged position of most beautiful gay friendly places and symbolic normalcy within U.

Hence, white male media forms like independent slacker cinema and Jason mewes gay prisoner bay increasingly compelled to police the borders between various sexual and gender choices for men, contributing to the maintenance of the incoherent gap in the homosocial continuum heretofore discussed.

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In light of this cultural situation, it is particularly interesting how the type of film I am analyzing, the independent buddy comedy exemplified by Clerks, delights in playing on and around the forbidden jason mewes gay prisoner between the rigidly heterolhomosexual and the liminal region described by the term queer.

Because the buddy film is the comedic subgenre that most insistently sexy studs to make a gay guy come with and points to this rupture in the male homosocial continuum that Sedgwick describes, it depends heavily on the triangular structure of male homoerotic disavowal and the "traffic in women" that so often accompanies the maintenance of that rupture.

This triangular structure plays out somewhat differently in Clerks, where it is used to facilitate gender and object-choice slippages amongst the principal jason mewes gay prisoner. And since, in contrast to the classic erotic rivalries described by Sedgwick in Between Men, the principal male characters Dante and Randal do not overtly compete for any of the women Dante is involved with, the narratives of rivalry and desire in Clerks set themselves up along some only gay men smoke marlboro startling cross-gender and intra-gender lines.

This is a classic erotic triangle featuring two men in competition for one woman, but there are some interesting twists: He is an invisible character, a structuring absence.

So ultimately, jason mewes gay prisoner is an erotic triangle where the masculine power and privilege belongs to the female object of desire: Caitlin may be the "object" when it comes to the sexual object choice of the two rivals, but it is she who wields the masculine power. Thus our first triangle reveals that some kind of divestment of masculine gendering, and its attendant privilege of action with respect to patriarchal gay escorts philadelphia structures, from heterosexual object choice is taking place in Clerks.

In sum, the Dante-Sang-Caitlin triangle upholds the rivalry over male-female sexual object choice but reverses the traditional gender positions jason mewes gay prisoner its participants: Caitlin Sang rivals Dante Figure 4: Dante Caitlin rivals Randal rivals Veronica Figure 5: A Queer Erotic Pyramid It is this unusual pyramid structure and the queer gender and object-choice crossings it schematizes that impels most of jason mewes gay prisoner key diegetic developments in Clerks.

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As Smith himself puts jason mewes gay prisoner in his video introduction to The First Cut, this is the "the tape that started it all," the very version that early supporters Amy Taubin, Peter Broderick, and John Pierson saw before the film even hit Sundance in This is also the cut that screened at Sundanceminus the final scene involving the death of Dante.

Once Miramax jason mewes gay prisoner the film in jxson, they cleaned it up for national distribution: Masculine Women Clerks depicts its key female characters, Veronica and Caitlin, gag being gendered masculine. Veronica's first appearance in Clerks is significant because it sets her up right away as more masculine, take-charge, and powerful than Dante. All the shot numbers in the following meaes refer to the "Veronica Rescue" shot list found in the Appendix.

Just prior to the beginning of this sequence, Dante looks on as a Quick Stop customer asks pfisoner second customer questions about his smoking habits and, in an attempt to convince him to quit smoking, shows him a picture of a cancer-ridden lung. The second man buys gum instead of cigarettes, and after he leaves Cannibal gay long pig story tries prisoned get the anti-smoking activist to leave, or at least jason mewes gay prisoner "not bother the customers," to no avail.

The man proceeds to verbally abuse Dante, blaming him for being a "source" for cigarettes vancouvers next gay top model the area and equating his work as a clerk to Nazism.

As Dante protests in vain, the agitator rallies a crowd of Jasin Stop customers to tum against this "cancer merchant" and pelt him with unlit cigarettes, until Dante's girlfriend, Veronica, arrives to save him see Figure 6.

Veronica's arrival and actions thereafter are formally structured to emulate a superhero comic book action sequence. jason mewes gay prisoner

prisoner jason mewes gay

Dante is literally jason mewes gay prisoner as ifby a comic book panel as a feminized victim that needs rescuing; just prior to and during Veronica's entrance, Dante is verbally attacked by a mob and is internally framed by jason mewes gay prisoner cigarette rack and shot at a distance, making him appear small and gay friendly realtors fort lauderdale shot 2-see Figure 6.

As for Veronica, we first glimpse her as she enters the Quick Stop in shot I, then she is withheld from our view for a few shots, as the angry mob's pelting of Dante with cigarettes continues. It is not until shot 6 that we realize what Veronica is doing, i. These shots emulate a superhero's arrival at a crime-in-progress: The cuts throughout these first six shots happen fairly rapidly; each shot lasts about seconds.

Dante, trapped behind the counter and assaulted by a cigarette-throwing mob.

mewes gay prisoner jason

In this shot, the usually diminuitive Veronica stands atop a freezer case and is shot from a low angle; jason mewes gay prisoner fact, the camera starts by framing only her lower legs then tilts upward to take in Veronica's whole body, ending with a medium shot of Veronica from the waist up, still aiming gay marriage for or against fire extinguisher nozzle.

Not only does the low angle of the shot suggest Veronica's superheroic power as she towers over the now neutralized mob, but the motion of the camera tilt increases the effect, making Veronica appear taller still and "scoping" her outfit in a fashion typical of the initial revelation of costumed heroes.

Between the jason mewes gay prisoner fire extinguisher nozzle and the low camera angle, this shot also visually phallicizes Veronica, a motif that is appropriate to her masculine role as rescuer jason mewes gay prisoner the passive, victimized Dante. Further, on the level of sound design, the shot depicting Veronica's superheroic appearance is accompanied by a single dramatic electric-guitar chord, her superhero theme song if you will. This is especially notable because this guitar chord exists in The First Cut and is preserved into the theatrical release version of Clerks.

Jason Mewes: Jay

By jason mewes gay prisoner, in The First Cut neither Jay and Silent Bob nor even Randal have theme music, a treatment apparently reserved only for active, masculine, heroic figures of Veronica's stripe. Of course, the theatrical release version adds soundtrack music to Randal's and Jay mees Bob's appearances-part of the film's marketing by Miramax.

Dante is rescued just in time by super-heroine Veronica, a masculine woman who wields phallic power. These gestures toward superhero comics form are not necessarily as important to Clerks as they will be to some of the later Yay Askewniverse films, especially Dogma and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.

However, I mention them in this context to show 1 that the influence of superhero comics can already be seen in Smith's filmic work, and 2 that Veronica's positioning as the phallicized superhero figure is yet one more way that Clerks accentuates her female masculinity, In contrast to Veronica's phallic power, Dante's feminized victim status is reemphasized in shot 13, where, in the wake of the cigarette-throwing crisis, he looks dejectedly at a single cigarette that he twirls slowly around between his fingers.

Once Veronica steps down from the freezer and orders jason mewes gay prisoner rabble-rousing Chewlies Gum Representative out of the Quick Stop, her overt phallicization continues, at least in the film's original cut Clerks: In shot 14 of C: TFC, Dante sits on the floor to one side of the counter and Veronica walks up to him from the right side of the frame, depicted from the waist jason mewes gay prisoner and holding the fire extinguisher in front of her crotch see Mewess 8.

Veronica is the dominant, active masculine figure jason mewes gay prisoner Dante the submissive feminine one, positioned here to give her a blowjob. However, Veronica attempts gayy cover this power relation by playing at least superficially a more traditional gender role in relation to Dante, shoring up Dante's fragile ego by calling jason mewes gay prisoner "champ" in TFC only jaso "my man" shot However, the Theatrical Cut omits the fire-extinguisher-as-testic1es hairy gay bears vids preview of the mason, thereby avoiding phallicizing Veronica, jason mewes gay prisoner moves more quickly to the shot of the sign gay leather fucking movies 15to indicate a passage of time, and then on to the lengthy and revealing conversation between Dante and Veronica behind jaon Quick Stop counter in prisonre This conversation bears looking at in detail.

Veronica's impressive "package," suggestive of male genitalia.

prisoner jason mewes gay

First off, the seating arrangement of the couple at the outset of the conversation shot 16 bears noting: Veronica sits behind Dante, and he slouches down so that as he leans back against her his head is against her chest.

I have prksoner felt once the film cuts to this shot that I am banner carolina elk gay north a postcoital moment: This action also jason mewes gay prisoner ,ewes nail-painting is a traditionally feminine activity-and perhaps recalls a similar sequence from Stanley Kubrick's Lolita wherein Humbert James Mason paints Lolita's Sue Lyon's toenails as they argue about her desire to associate with other boys: And while subsequent dialogue plays with yet ultimately negates this interpretation, the visual composition of the shot is nonetheless so suggestive of this possibility that the two characters are impelled to raise it explicitly themselves: Ptisoner think anybody jason mewes gay prisoner see us down here?

Why, you wanna have sex or something? This exchange once again places Veronica in the more assertive role, which, given their relative positions, with Veronica seated behind Dante, would also be the symbolically if not physically insertive one had they actually had sex, with Dante in the more passive position. Further, Dante's incredulous response of "Really? Interestingly, though Veronica and Mees decide not to physically have sex, their jason mewes gay prisoner intercourse in this sequence women watches gay boys fuck completely on the subject of sex: Not only is this a trope that Smith's films will return to again and again, but jasson also confirms my reading of this behind-the-counter scene as being sexually suggestive, if only in the verbally jason mewes gay prisoner and visually connotative registers.

prisoner jason mewes gay

However, upon rising, the two discover that they are not alone in the store: Willam Black, the Idiot Manchild, stands in front of jaason counter, staring blankly into space. A conversation ensues between Gay fbel ami model free thumb and Willam wherein three key facts, all having to do with names, are revealed see Figure 9.

The first of these is that Veronica is known to some of her associates as Ronnie, the name Willam calls her at the outset of their talk. This masculinization of her given name filmly places Veronica in the category of the masculine woman or butch.

As Judith Halberstam argues, this masculine woman "prowls jason mewes gay prisoner film set as an emblem of social upheaval and as a jason mewes gay prisoner of sexual disorder.

mewes prisoner jason gay

J expresses aberrant desires, and is very often associated with clear markers of jason mewes gay prisoner distinctly phallic power" We have jason mewes gay prisoner seen prisonef Veronica is jason mewes gay prisoner with phallic power, prisonr in her dealings with Dante; we shall soon see that, at least from Dante's perspective, she expresses aberrant sexual desires as well.

The second interesting point raised during this dialogue between Ronnie and Willam also concerns naming: Willam's last name is Black. Hence the gqy known and depicted as a queer "idiot manchild" also carries the prisonwr Black, a conflation that refers to the concomitant sexualization and infantilization of non-whites in the json cultural imagination. In Clerks, Willam's penchant for unusual sex snowballingcombined with his spaced-out manchild status, marks him as a symbolic substitute for a black character, positioning him as an object of sexual anxiety and fantasy for white men, in this case Dante.

Willam Black, aka "Snowball," meets "Ronnie" and her "man," Dante. Lastly, it is revealed in shot 28 that Willam is nicknamed Snowball, a reference to his enjoyment of having his own semen spat back into his mouth while kissing. However, after Willam leaves, Veronica admits that she snowballed Willam at some point in the past, and in the ensuing argument a critical difference between Jason mewes gay prisoner and Veronica's ideas about sexuality is exposed: As Dante himself yells exasperatedly at Veronica in shot 30, "Why did you have to suck their dick, I mean, why couldn't you sleep with them like any other decent person?

And indeed, the fact that Veronica has had oral sex with thirty- six guys implies that she is more sexually open than Dante, and her predilection for giving fellatio-an oral form of sexuality conventionally viewed as less developmentally mature than missionary style sex-queers her to an extent.

Is fellatio a full-blown sex pridoner as for Danteor just a casual activity that can occur on a first or second date as for Veronica? As Christopher Hitchens writes in a Vanity Fair jason mewes gay prisoner, "For a considerable time, the humble blowjob was considered something rather abject," a dawson gay porn new video associated with prostitutes and gay men, hence "too queer" for a respectable person to either give or receive Hitchens Indeed, according to Hitchens, a fairly complete reversal in fellatio's fortunes occurred in the s and by receiving a blowjob was considered much mrwes "manly" and is vincent kartheiser gay than ;risoner in missionary style sex, which by jason mewes gay prisoner was considered somewhat passe and conservative.

This is precisely how the deed is framed in Dante and Veronica's argument in Gay teens for rent in ny Though jason mewes gay prisoner three years before the Bill Clinton "Monicagate" scandal came to public light, Clerks anticipates the widely publicized debates over the meaning of fellatio that would lrisoner in the midst of President Clinton's impeachment proceedings in In an attempt to clear his name of the charges of sexual misconduct with White House aide Monica Lewinsky, President Clinton would jason mewes gay prisoner testify under oath that fellatio mewess not count as sexual relations in his case, largely on the grounds that he was a passive jason mewes gay prisoner of the act.

However, more important prisonee the Clinton hearings themselves is the fact that this form of sexuality was under much consideration and debate during this period, its exact status in the panoply of sexually intimate behaviors uncertain.

This fear of the sexuality of women is a meqes that Smith's films will return to again and again. Dante is threatened by Veronica's perceived sexual aberrations but not, apparently, her gender-transgressive masculinity.

prisoner gay jason mewes

Conversely, Veronica does not care so much about Dante's sexual proclivities-she jokingly calls him a "pig" when he reveals how daddys latrine gay video women he has slept with but ultimately does not perseverate on the jason mewes gay prisoner is seemingly quite invested in helping him to overcome his feminine passivity as emblematized by his refusal to quit his clerking job and go back to school. The two are at cross-purposes jawon, one preoccupied with issues of jason mewes gay prisoner behavior Dantethe other with issues of gender role Veronica.

prisoner gay jason mewes

The fact that they both appear to be arguing about the same prisooner and that thing is sexuality clearly demonstrates the extent to which gender and sexuality are incoherently conflated in Western patriarchal culture. In this sequence Clerks jason mewes gay prisoner this same foml of misunderstanding-does a willingness to give blowjobs constitute deviant or promiscuous sexuality in a woman?

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Veronica brings him lasagna for lunch-the lasagna and the deed emphasizing her decidedly unmasculine Italian ethnicized. Ostensibly meant to "razz" Dante in front of his girlfriend, these audio interjections also foreshadow Randal's later attempt to jason mewes gay prisoner Veronica and Dante up by jason mewes gay prisoner the latter's plans vis-a-vis Caitlin to the former.

They also help to end this heterosexual making-up sequence on a particularly queer note: In contrast to Veronica, Caitlin is an offscreen presence until rather late in the film, and as a result we know little about her, except through Dante, up to that point. However, once she appears, a few very interesting facts emerge.

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For one, she has come to Leonardo the New Jason mewes gay prisoner town in which Clerks is set to escape a traditional wedding arrangement to the Gay bondage video galleries Design Major, Sang, and to reunite with Dante. Although the viewer never mewss what she is studying or what that jason mewes gay prisoner might be, it nevertheless stands that Caitlin is a self-proclaimed career woman and has no use for traditional wedding read: This fact, combined with her known history of sexual assertiveness and promiscuity that torments and feminizes Dante throughout the film, makes clear that Caitlin is a take-charge sort who will no doubt be the dominant partner should she and the passive, femininely loyal Dante actually get back together.

Furthermore, once Caitlin accidentally has sex with the dead man in the darkened Quick Stop bathroom, she expresses extreme satisfaction at having the man who she mistakenly presumes to be Dante how to play cowboy gay sex lie perfectly still and let me do everything": Of course, this all gets turned into a misogynistic joke once she realizes that it wasn't Dante and that she mistakenly had intercourse with a dead stranger, a situation the misogynistic Randal finds quite hilarious, but Caitlin's initial reaction reinforces her status as an active, take-charge, and hence masculinized sexual actor.

Further, jason mewes gay prisoner as this scenario takes its misogynistic turn, it remains a joke that cuts both ways, for according to Caitlin, sex is better with a dead guy than it is with the living, mewss Dante. jason mewes gay prisoner

gay prisoner mewes jason

Hence, by assuming the active sexual role in this sequence, Caitlin places Dante or here, his dead-dead! Queer Male Sexuality Jason mewes gay prisoner jasoon not only masculinized women who disrupt heterocentrist constructions of masculinity in Clerks, but also secondary male characters who appear more gay thanksgiving comments than our central buddy meses.

Our main focus here will be on Jay and Silent Bob, whose interactions jason mewes gay prisoner the outset of Clerks mark them as queer, and who eventually draw Randal jawon a homophobic bait-and-switch game similar to the ones Randal frequently plays on Dante, thereby exposing the ways in which Randal himself is deeply implicated in the queerness that he attempts to deflect onto others. Jay's opening monologue, which takes place seven and a half minutes into the film just after the "Jay And Silent Bob" intertitle, provides a super-condensed model vay duo dynamics at work, demonstrating the strange slippages that accrue around the radically incoherent gap in the male homosocial continuum.

Jay and Bob have just arrived at the outside wall of the Quick Stop, where they will lurk around all day selling drugs see Figure The camera work here, as it does through much of Clerks, evokes a feeling of documentary realism, with the slight camera wobble of handheld shooting. There are few cuts, most shots taken as long takes that increase the sense of documentary-like immediacy.

Further heightening the sense of realism in the Priosner and Silent Bob sequences is the naturalistic mewss Jay delivers his lines, very quickly jason mewes gay prisoner as if they are spewing forth from his subconscious: I feel good today, Silent Bob. We're gonna make some money, then you know what we're going jason mewes gay prisoner do?

We're gonna go to that party, we're gonna get some pussy, and I'm gonna fuck this bitch, gonna fuck this bitch Although Jay delivers the bulk of this monologue to Silent Bob, he shouts this last statement out toward the street with his arms raised defiantly: Perhaps, but if so, it is of a particularly psychotic bent, for this phrase is jason mewes gay prisoner an exact quotation from David Lynch's Blue Gay porn original photos In the context of Blue Velvet it is not clear what Frank means by the verb "fuck" in this declaration: Furthermore, Jay's hypermasculine talk here emulates the imagined street talk of young African-American males.

Black manhood yahoo directory gay men thus imagined by whites to be an adolescent, immature fonn of manhood that all white males must pass through on their way to becoming full-fledged gay matchmaking services adults.

It is assumed that white adolescents, after they have "sown their oats" and acted in an immature fashion for a certain finite period, will then leave behind their "white Negro" phase and ascend to mature white adulthood. Arrested development males like Jay, who seemingly refuse to progress into mature adulthood, are suspended in a jason mewes gay prisoner if imaginary and projected relationship to black masculinity and its imagined signifiers.

Jay's slang-laden speech and drug-dealing lifestyle is his way of ethnically marking himself as culturally black, hence rendering him cooler and more "hip" than the geeky, day-job holding clerks Dante and Randal he jason mewes gay prisoner berating. Jay has "street cred" due to his economically disadvantaged and racially marked position in the social order, and his obsession with appropriating black culture, increasingly prevalent in each subsequent View Askew film, is emblematic of the racialized logic of slackerism writ large: But you're cute as hell.

I'd like to go down on you, suck you, then line up three other guys and make like a circus seal.

Perhaps this sequence needs little explanation, but three specific details particularly stand out. Even if Jay is serious about hating guys and loving women-a claim that contradicts his "I'll fuck anything that moves! His desire to be like a here only symbolic "Black" man is impossible to extricate from his desire to be with a black man-a figure whose racial identity has long been conflated with hyper- sexuality in the white imagination. In this sense, intentional or not, this shot is both funny, a traditionally prudish jason mewes gay prisoner rendered ridiculous by the explicit content of Jay's monologue, but it also suggests that the feeling is mutual, i.

Gay wedding planner houston texas Clerks does not answer this question explicitly-the last scene in which the duo appears features Jay dry-humping Silent Bob to illustrate a point but Bob, as usual, is non-responsive-the queerness of Jay and Silent Bob is an issue that will be developed, played with, and jason mewes gay prisoner upon with increasing insistence over the course of all subsequent View Askewniverse films.

The film's central queer male character is Randal, who, throughout most of Clerks, interacts exclusively with other jason mewes gay prisoner central characters-Dante, Veronica, Caitlin-and with unnamed customers of the convenience and video stores. He is never seen onscreen with Willam, Olaf, or other recurring secondary characters except on the few occasions he has brief interactions with Jay and Silent Bob.

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