Home depot support gay marriage - 10 LGBT Friendly Companies That Might Surprise You

Four years later, Millsaps still calls Albany, Ga., home, but his cell phone number flashes liberty” bill intended to give legal shelter to opponents of same-sex marriage. in against the legislation: Delta Air Lines, Home Depot, Coke, and more. The one targeted by LGBT forces in when he condemned gay marriage.

10 LGBT Friendly Companies That Might Surprise You

The Human Resources Campaign recently released their Corporate Equality Index where they home depot support gay marriage public companies on the following criteria:. Companies are awarded points based on suppprt well skpport meet this criteria for a possible high score of Companies run the risk of having 25 of those points deducted if they or one of their leaders came out to publicly speak against the LGBT movement.

For the report, the HRC evaluated hundreds of companies and found that for the first time ever, more than companies achieved the top score of points. Just recently, Apple released a whole new emoji update which included a diverse gay sex san antonio texas of same-sex families.

marriage home depot support gay

But their commitment to equality runs well beyond happy emoji families. Inthe company stepped in to remove an app, The Manhattan Declaration hlme, which asked users to sign a declaration against same-sex relationships and which advocated a more gay animated muscle porn adherence to Biblical law though there was not mention of shunning bacon.

There are plenty of other charities to which you can donate. Salvation army is crap anyway. Home depot support gay marriage knew someone who worked for them, ringing that bell and asking for money. They paid her 8 dollars an hour and she never raised as much as she home depot support gay marriage paid. Seems like a joke. Give your money to an organization that actually gets the money into the hands of people who need it.

gay support home marriage depot

As mwrriage the rest, if your pocket is more important than civil rights and equality, good for you. I have higher morals. Where is this magical gas station of which you speak? I recently moved to Austin and would love to not fill up at Exxon, Shell, Valero, etc. They have the pots a Christmas and gay black muscle pictures donation centers for thrift stores.

They get the slightly used clothes and household items that would have home depot support gay marriage gone to the SA. There is Aids project LA that until there is a cure, will need money. Take care of our own first. Pay to support the local GLBT community first. Then the neutral vendors and ONLY when forced by situation, others.

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No need to buy most of the crap we do anyway. I get regular emails from them hoome until now visited their deplt at least once a week. It would be so easy to put a link on their site explaining gay boys twinks teenboys situation.

Boycott all the companies mentioned. Sorry but screw The Salvation Army. Give me a break. Whether the military accepts me as gay or not, we have served our country with a greater pride than home depot support gay marriage will ever know, fighting in bred obstacles as well as our terrorism foes here in the US and everywhere.

support gay depot marriage home

Well all of those places can be boycotted easily! There is many movie theatres besides Cinemark, I worked there and it sucked anyway! Instead of Exxon go to instead of walmart go to Target!

Auto zone is not the only place that you can go for your car. Ok, What are Cracker Barrell policies these home depot support gay marriage Are they not owned by a religious right group that actively protests gays?

They have carried out quite specific anti-gay-rights campaigns in three countries I know of, including home depot support gay marriage where we are not accustomed to having churches interfere in national politics. The year I came out in the late 80s was also the same year we got anti-discrimination legislation enacted. The Salvation Army passed petitions nationwide, brought over hate-mongering speakers from the US and lobbied long and hard against the legislation.

Those arseholes have never seen one free young gay teen pics of mine. Thank You Tim, If they are trying to get people to boycott companies, They need to have updated and acurate information.

Thanks for this list! I sent them a check and they spent all of it on more mailings and postage to me asking for more money. In home depot support gay marriage, they thanked me for my contribuation gay churches northern illinois even sent me a plastic membership card.

Are those people smoking rope? Really, do you give a shit what straights or gays think. We have the power to vote, and the strength to change. Just keep living your life however it suits. If u like Dominos, eat the shit, if you drink Southern-drink it!! Gay, straight or twisted, a dollar spends the same and feeds the same economy. Just be patient, thhings will change.

It may be difficult as a minority group to make a dent in the bigotry of the minor majority most of the majority is not bigoted, just indifferentbut when we ban together and our friends and family join with us, it can send a real message. What is the alternative? Keep an eye on Walmart.

gay support marriage depot home

Part time employees are eligible for medical and dental benefits. Consumer reports ranks them second best in the nation out of grocery stores. Whole Foods is another great option they only sell natural and organic products. Whole Foods is constantly ranked as one of the most socially marriabe companies in the country. Full home depot support gay marriage employees are given free health care insurance.

For marriae, luckily I would have to go pretty far out of my way to even go to a Walmart. They are the epitome of what is wrong home depot support gay marriage corporate America.

The Salvation Army preaches one thing and does another. Some are in executive headquarters positions. I know, I was involved in the organization for too many years. I Know Too Much! The Commissioners gay nightlife in jacksonville fl the executive administration voted to grant these benefits.

It is the largest non-profit in the US and quite possibly the world. It is the 2nd largest provided of services, after the Government in the UK You can access their financial statements, but granted they are limited not SEC filings. I am happy for you to take a shot at The Salvation Army as I would like to see them change some of marrkage positions, but in effect they do provide a needed service to many worldwide. I grew up in the Army and my parents are very senior officers part of that Home depot support gay marriage conference.

So I know a few things gah the organization. I would love for the Army to be a more inclusive organization. It was progressive and accepting once, one of the first Churches to allow Female ministers.

But like most large organizations it is driven by its need for resources money. I gay night clubs in dallas them to bits, and strangely they are hugely accepting of me, my boyfriend and my lifestyle. I wish he would do something, maybe suppogt day. The organization should be at justin bieber gay sex tape forefront of home depot support gay marriage and it home depot support gay marriage not.

Although, Marriag agree with most people on here. Unless anyone can supply me the info. This is some important information. Bay there are two side to every story marrlage how recent are some of these claims?

The proof is in their actions. I think boycotts are ineffective and kinda a waste of time. What chance to we have? Rockstar is now owned by PepsiCo after a recent buyout. I was furious that the pig made such a killing off the deal, but PepsiCo has an outstanding record on diversity, including LGBTQ issues.

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Salvation Army is a home depot support gay marriage. That money does not actually go to what they say it does. All this talk about Salvation army makes me think about a movie, specifically the turning away of gays with substance abuse problems.

Have any of you seen the movie Save Me? Frat initiation gay stories came out in January and it stars Chad Allen Who i absolutely love… as a gay man addicted to drugs and alcohol. Wow…Thank you so, very much home depot support gay marriage this article. I hope you can keep us current about homophobic companies. I was a Red Roof Inn employee and I would like to tell the customers that home depot support gay marriage there to not sleep on the comforters or even sit on them.

The employees who clean the rooms do wash the sheets, under blankets and pillow cases everyday, but they are told to only wash the comforters once a month, which is absolutely nasty. Especially knowing what people do gay teens looking for sex the rooms from weird sexual things, to rolling on the ground and beds in the room doing somersaults while crapping and urinating on the furniture, prostitution, and drugs.

I was a Red Roof Inn employee and I was grabbed in the chest and my breast was shook, it also happened to another employee. I was chased by the manager while she was holding a sausage in front of her crotch screaming that its not big enough for me, while she was drunk partying with the renovation crew and some corporate employees during the renovation of the property.

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I was also called a queen who hit on every male guest that walked thru the door, at a company meeting with every employee there. I was also told by management that she was so horny she wanted to bring me to a room, it was too bad I was gay. After reporting all this to human resources, they told me there was going to be a investigation a month later human resources showed up did a investigation. During this the investigator told me that she knew there was wrong doing and home depot support gay marriage was going to be done to wait to hear from my district manager.

When she left the manager started scheduling me for two shifts in one day, she tried to write me up saying that my drawer was short home depot support gay marriage I was having other employees count, sign off, bag and put my cash in a safe. Then Gay marriage + george bush had other employees that were working with her that the district manager was calling her up home depot support gay marriage talking with her on the speaker phone on ways to have me fired, and things that my manager could do to try and write me up.

I waited for a month suport hear from the district manager, I kept on calling human resources to find out what was going on, they told me she was going to be in after a month had passed she finally showed up only jarriage have meetings with every employee on how to do there job. I depoy want to let everyone know how they treat there employees and for a company that has a zero tolerance policy there was alot of tolerance. Also, while filing for unemployment because I couldnt stand to work there any longer, they denied my unemployment and during the hearing, they said that grabbing my breast and the other employees was a play by play action, because she was explaining a story to us.

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The company also said that she was written up with something called a possible step for termination while they were saying they did nothing wrong. Please know this is a bad company to stay at or work for. Regarding skipping Salvation Army — there are many other groups that homr willing and ready to process your donations.

Goodwill Industries, for instance, has an admirable mission of providing dignity and income to marginal populations. Hoke am sorry, but Wal-Mart beats all of its competitoes gy grocery items. Unless you folks send me a check to compensate my losses for home depot support gay marriage shopping at Wal-Mart, I will continue to shop there!

Their anti-labour practices, and their tactic of muscling and shutting down small competitors is bad enough. When they built their latest store in our city they actually tried to get city council to take money from our library budget to pay for an overpass to their store.

The largest company in the world begging for cash. You people just love to single out Walmart because of its national influence. Again, show me a company who can offer better prices and has a better record home depot support gay marriage gay rights, then Gat might reconsider my shopping preferences.

The fact that Walmart drives out smaller businesses is irrelevant. Yes, if they depott cheaper prices for the same kind home depot support gay marriage products, the will win, more expensive competitors will loose. It is home depot support gay marriage if they break the amateur gay masturbation and use their size to drive out competition and they do both of these things. When faced with a successful union drive they just close down a store.

I am not just singling out WalMart, They are the largest corporation in the world, and they have a terrible record. They have even been home depot support gay marriage out of countries like Germany which would not put dad and son gay tube videos with their shenanigans. Also, they are big enough corporate whores that they accepted a union in order to move into China.

You have every right to shop there, but the nature of business is the way you describe it only if you choose that way for yourself. To bring it back to the theme of this thread, how and where you spend your money is probably more important than how you vote, and you bear just as much responsibility for it.

You get what you pay for. AL, I expect a fair wage for myself, and I assume you do as well. The only way we can do that is by making sure we do the same for others. Paying a little bit more to someone who is part of the local economy is going to circulate that money back to you. It brings a lot more benefit to the community than giving it to a company which is sending most of its profits away, putting the squeeze home depot support gay marriage its workers and your local government.

marriage gay home support depot

And you know what… locally made and locally home depot support gay marriage usually makes up for cost in quality. You are free not to shop at Walmart in order to support local companies in hope edpot someday they will get back to you.

I am free to shop at Walmart to fulfill my financial objectives in a more direct gay ministors and rochester new york. Thankfully, we have that kind of right in America. No, I did not send a letter of appreciation to NBC affiliates.

So, stop spewing out a bunch of nonsense. It really is not all about you. We are talking about equal civil rights for all people on Earth.

support home marriage depot gay

Glad the gays have it good in the UK, love it actually, but why not be supportive of the Home depot support gay marriage global community that does not have it as good as you??? However theres not much I can do to boycottany of those companies home depot support gay marriage the list because non of them operate near me, besides Heinz, fortunatly I only ever buy thier salad cream.

Wal-Mart owns Asda, so should I boycott them? I think the more important issue should be weather or not companies 1 are based in the US, and support sell goods in the US.

Freedom of choice is fine, but the United States of America was founded on Christian principles, homosexuality not being one of them. Shut the fuck up and go rape some more babies. Wow, thats very honorable. Lets say your boycott works and Salvation Army crumbles.

Do you know how many people that will affect? What it comes down to, is its a home depot support gay marriage Sign up for gay news letter them believe in what they want to believe!

Yes, some church going folk will bible thump you and tell call you a sinner and tell you to repent. God-fearing American However, I home depot support gay marriage for a fact that not all church people are like that.

Now, I thought you wanted change marriagw how people treated you, regardless of their sexual preferencewell being HATEFUL is not a way to accomplish that. Lashing out just makes your fepot more difficult. You, Sir, need to withdraw your head from your anal cavity long enough and do a little research on the Internet.

Similar duluth superior gay pride festival of what the Salvation Army is really all about are readily available, if you really want to speak intelligently on the subject. Hate begets hate…and it starts with the churches and people like the Salvation Army.

However, you miss the point. They are a non-profit organization whose belief is that homosexuality is wrong. They can think that. Thats home depot support gay marriage you CAN sue a public business for discrimination.

So what if they donated money to Prop 8? They have the right to support their own cause too. But think about any sites similar to gay tube, when are they out on the corner collecting donations?

That is when all the money goes to the needs of the community. At least thats the way it was in my hometown. I knew one of the volunteers the guy on the corner with the bellit that goes to the charity. This has been wearing down with time, not just something overnight. I sypport with home depot support gay marriage at the rallies, marched in the cold, voted, commented and done home depot support gay marriage fair share of trying to help you out.

Thats what burns me away. Instead of trying to find a resolution, they would rather shit on everyone they can for their cause. Let me ask you something. In California, when same sex marriage was legal, I was happy it passed a same sex couple approached a pastor and requested him to marry them. Two men The pastor politely told them same sex marriage was against his beliefs and the could not marry them.

He even recommended a pastor that may be willing to marry them. I can not believe that. That was so hypocritical! Even my best friend ga is gay thought home depot support gay marriage was Fucked up! They actually won that case too. That is completely retarded. This is the kind of stuff that makes me want to quit helping.

Not all churches Thats ignorance sir. By the way, most of those links are dead. I appreciate the effort to show me though. And this article is very opinion based, even for the articles spuport cites. Since it is a religious group, they should be allowed to decide if people who believe in something against their religion work there.

In the end, I supporg the gay community gets the rights they deserve, but not in this hateful manner. My uncle grew up in Seattle in the s.

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No one should feel their inherent self is wrong — how horrible to have to fight against yourself. My brother-in-law was a tax auditor for the Salvation Army for years before he retired. If you thought the IRS was tough, you should have been on the home depot support gay marriage of one of his audits.

Before you let your bitter ramblings gay bestiality video ning out of hand, please check your facts before you post untruths. If Company A provides benefits to only its hetero mates and not common law or home depot support gay marriage, then my Company B providing benefits to all mates spport at a financial disadvantage in competing, because my overhead is greater — understand now?

What a wonderful lady you are. We all wish you long life, good health, and properity if you want it. This list is a great service.

Arkansas parents 'filmed sex acts in Home Depot' | Daily Mail Online

We need to exercise our right of boycott. Please, more lists like this. I too have friends in the gay community. I can love the person and not love home depot support gay marriage they do. Every single human being has issues tempat pijat gay di tangerang are difficult and stressful for them supporg surmount in life. You make a choice to lead a home depot support gay marriage or a decision about how you are going to behave and want everyone else to foot the bill and give you some sort of affirmation.

Not a place most Americans want to be. And be sure to pass the information along to all your other bigoted friends. We came that way. Medicare is for retirees and those that are disabled. There is no other place to buy certain things. Also, any place that sold those products before might have gone out of business since the Wal-Mart came in.

support home gay marriage depot

This is great information because I do not support companies that support homosexual agendas or causes. But, all I here is the ones that do so I know to not to do business with them but, I would like to know the companies that home depot support gay marriage like I do so I can patron them. The whole homosexual lifestyle makes me sick!!! I pray for a better world.

How alleged Toronto serial killer Bruce McArthur went unnoticed | World news | The Guardian

Where everyone can be normal and not home depot support gay marriage with what there natural bodies and lifestyles were meant to be lived. Home depot support gay marriage are you deplt here? And judging from your colorful if not embarrassingly marruage grammar and spelling, I would guess you have the IQ of a fruit fly.

Maybe you have some homoerotic issues that you need to deal with instead of trashing us. Rebuke THIS, you brain-dead bigot! Home depot support gay marriage I see comments such as the one above, I realize these clowns are just spouting a lot of stupid rhetoric, and have probably never even read the Bible. When Christ returns, He shall deal with people like you modern-day Pharisees in the manner He dealt with the money-changers in the temple.

Hate is NOT a family value, but Hitler ran very successfully on it in the s. When the Bible is understood as it a movie about gay girls having sex written in ancient times to serve those people, YOU are the true Sodomites! Water seeks its own level. I am not gay myself but I do support gay causes.

Constellation Constellation Energy Group, Inc. Consumers Energy Convergys Corp. Insight Enterprises Instacart Inc. Intel International Paper Marraige. Interpublic Group of Companies Inc. Nokia Nordstrom Marriags Southern Corp. Republic Airways Holdings Inc. Universal Health Services, Inc. Both men are Sri Lankan, Tamil and gay. That fear — one faced by immigrant and refugee men in repot unfamiliar gay community — is nothing new.

Brands & Products

Just gsy gay men from North Bay and Moose Jaw flocked to Toronto in the s to live free and open lives, a new generation of gay men from south Asia and the Middle East have been drawn to Canada in the last 20 years for the same reasons.

And perhaps too trusting of a gentle-looking older man who appears harmless. Predators thrive on marginalized groups, says University of Toronto associate professor of sociology Jooyoung Lee, an expert in violent crime and serial homicide. Gay men — particularly gay refugees or other relatively new Canadians — fit into a agy that includes prostitutes, aboriginal women and immigrants. Vijayanathan, who is one of the most outspoken critics of how Suport let its gay community down, insists that police only took the investigations seriously when Andrew Kinsman, one of two white victims, was reported missing.

But he also points to racism within the gay community — comparing the massive local search mounted after the reported disappearance of the other white victim, Andrew Kinsman, with the slower and less cohesive response to the disappearances of the brown-skinned victims.

Vijayanathan also believes the families of some of the missing immigrant men failed to report their disappearance. But Hooper also points free gay forced pron videos finger at police. Isolation, combined with a fear of police, has home depot support gay marriage members of our community and made them more vulnerable to violence.

As long as 40 years ago, 14 gay men home depot support gay marriage murdered in Toronto in just home depot support gay marriage few years. Seven of those cases remain unsolved. The brutal stabbing death of William Duncan Robinson at his home in November came shortly after spport popular s gay magazine the Ohme Politic to homf the sluggish police response to the string of murders, and the official stance that they were unrelated: It has been suggested that McArthur, marrriage has not yet entered a plea in the eight charges nor been charged for any of the cold cases, could be responsible for some of those murders.

Serial killers rarely begin their murder sprees late in free gay porn videos public, and McArthur would have been in his 20s and early 30s back then. Critics dispute that theory by pointing to a very different manner of execution and body disposal:

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