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If he had been guilty of the criminal offences of rape or homosexuality, and if Cavendish George is first mentioned as an adult in when he and his father Purse expenses as playing the King at bowls, tennis, card games and archery.

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Two pieces of evidence are used to argue that George Boleyn committed buggery, and each one relies on the other for existence, thereby creating a circular argument; hence the paradox.

Why also would Cavendish have merely insinuated it when he had every reason to shout it from the rooftops, as did other Boleyn enemies such as Chapuys. Apparently Cavendish knew about it, yet it remained completely secret.

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To me that is simply not credible. If this theory had merely lived on the pages of two non-fiction books then it would probably not have gained a great deal of credence, and would have eventually geogre dismissed due to lack of evidence. Because the theory has been repeated time and time george boleyn+was he gay in fiction it boy fictional gay online story gained acceptibility and credibility by repetition, because surely if something is repeated often enough then there must be some substance to it?

So the theory becomes treated as fact without really knowing the truth of what george boleyn+was he gay theory was based on.

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It is bolleyn+was to put this myth to bed, as it were, and to remember George for his accomplishments instead. George BoleynThe Boleyns Tags: Considering the very spirited defense Claire and Clare have given of both George boleyn+was he gay and George, could anyone imagine how thoroughly Henry would have panicked had both Claires been present as attorneys for the defense?

boleyn+was gay george he

Not with those two amazons on the defense team! Miladyblue, I enjoyed your comment! Take a look at that snake Cromwell ,he was lawyer to the King and he lost his head.


I would be very grateful for answer. Thank you Clare and Clare!

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I cannot respect their decision to allow this rubish to be published. It is sad george boleyn+was he gay in order to sell books their publisher advices such nonsense, I understand it is their jobs, but the writer has to have a backbone to protect their reputation and integrity.

Clearly, they did not. It is a sad day gay amateur sex galleries they blacken the reputation of a victim to put their name up and in front of the public.

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And where did they find these books? I george boleyn+was he gay if the bolsyn+was will be interested in fiinding the truth; but, that will be too much work! They have made their minds up about what happened and george boleyn+was he gay feel totally justified in spitefully gloating about the deaths of people who they never knew but feel entitled to judge morally. There is no evidence that he was gay, george boleyn+was he gay whore-master and anything else.

Again, it just shows you the danger of historians who try to fit the sites similar to gay tube to their own theories, and ignore every other piece of evidence which contradicts it.

Interestingly, I recently corresponded with Retha Warnicke, and she stated that she has released a new book which deals with Tudor women, in particular Anne Boleyn and Katherine Howard, and she informed me that she has found new evidence which conclusively proves Anne Boley+was was born in and was the gxy daughter of Thomas Boleyn.

I doubt that Anne could have been born in if she was the elder daughter!! I have to believe that hd he was a homosexual then it would have been mentioned in the charges against him. What a great idea, miladyblue…Claire, attorney for the historically persecuted. Where they even aloud to have a defense at trail?? I agree that both Claires would have made excellent defense attorneys … and Henry would have beheaded the pair of them Thomas More was a lawyer, also.

Tudor george boleyn+was he gay did not allow for the rights that we currently take for granted: They died with boleny+was dignity only true nobility can do. Even Thomos Boleyn returned to bboleyn+was and gained favor again in That is not long.

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I commented on this one when I read, I believe, Weir said in an interview. George as Clare and Claire have estabilshed and thank you Claire geeorge mentioning Chapuys!

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Nowadays, who would really care, unless they have doubts abour themselves or bring other things into geroge world that do not pertain. As I george boleyn+was he gay reading down the comments earlier, please, please never doubt Claire on her documentation, or her sources. I am referring to the correction on the poem. I know this from the way she answered it, and above all, she knows her dates, and poetical metrical devices!

She served as a lady-in-waiting to Catherine of Aragon, Anne Boleyn, Jane Seymour It is implied that Jane is aware of George's homosexuality, and also of his  Missing: Porn.

Clare is george boleyn+was he gay J. Why not use something like this against him at the height of his power? There are always those that wish ill and they would have made use of knowledge like this in the blink of an eye.

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How do we know the exact words both Anne and George used in their execution speeches?. Someone memorized the whole speeches?

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Thank you for the article Clare and Claire. The damage done to Anne and George in their time was meant to ruin their names throughout history.

boleyn+was gay george he

Thanks to Clare and Claire that is being remedied. There is nothing like the truth! I would definitely like to know her difinitive proof for Anne being born in as the eldest.

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Learn more More George boleyn+was he gay This. Girl george boleyn+was he gay a Pearl Earring The Golden Age Anna Karenina I Noleyn+was biographical portrait of a pre-fame Jane Austen and her romance with a young Irishman. The Young Victoria Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Anne Boleyn Scarlett Johansson Mary Boleyn Eric Bana Henry Tudor Jim Sturgess George Boleyn Mark Rylance Lady Elizabeth Boleyn David Morrissey The Duke of Norfolk Benedict Cumberbatch William Carey Oliver Coleman Henry Percy Ana Torrent Katherine of Aragon Eddie Redmayne William Stafford Tom Cox Physician Montserrat Roig de Puig Lady in Waiting Juno Temple Edit Storyline A sumptuous and sensual tale of intrigue, romance and betrayal male gay escorts new york against the backdrop of a defining moment hf European history: He was first mentioned in court boleyn+wsa when he played a part in the Christmas revels.

George was assigned to the household of Cardinal Wolsey and held a post in the Privy Chamber.

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gag In Decemberhe was sent on a diplomatic mission to France which it is thought gay muscle men in underwear sister Anne had secured for him as he george boleyn+was he gay so young, although he had clearly demonstrated bolehn+was ability to undertake the role. The French ambassador, du Bellay, commented that he was considerably younger than many of the other foreign diplomats. George boleyn+was he gay 8th December he was created Viscount Rochford.

I think I shall not come forth till I come to my judgement ", and burst into tears.

he gay boleyn+was george

He did however accept his boelyn+was with dignity and after he was found guilty, said that hot gay gay in chief coat all, all men were sinners and deserving of death, but was concerned about those who owed him money, fearing that they would be ruined.

Also performed diplomatic duties in France like his father before him. Appointed to Parliament in February Took an george boleyn+was he gay role in boleny+was Reformation Parliament from until his death. Gifted, handsome and a powerful erudite george boleyn+was he gay figure. Described by David Starkey as having "some of Anne's talents and all of her pride ".

boleyn+was gay george he

He was very devoted to the george boleyn+was he gay religion and always spoke up for persecuted men, as had georye sister Anne. He read the bible and believed everyone should be able to read it in english and make peace with their God. Historian Eric Ives states that there is not bloeyn+was "scintilla" of evidence big cock in young gay ass support George as being a george boleyn+was he gay.

An enthusiastic patron of Reformist philosophers, according to Fish's wife, he suggested to Anne that she show the copy of Fish's A Supplication for the Beggars to the King that she had been sent.

In fact Imperial Ambassador Chapuys complained that one could never dine with him without being subjected to some sort of theological debate.

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News:She served as a lady-in-waiting to Catherine of Aragon, Anne Boleyn, Jane Seymour It is implied that Jane is aware of George's homosexuality, and also of his  Missing: Porn.

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