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He heard something come from the bag, gaay he asked them to open it. Security comes, forces them to open gay week for disneyworld. It was their 6 month old baby. This one lady saw it, and bitched so loud about how this little trash kid didn't deserve to cut in lines and a bunch of other bullshit.

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He described the look on the disneyaorld parent's faces as nothing but nightmarish heartbreaking shit. He told the lady to get out of line and stop being such a bitch, explained that the kid was with Make-A-Wish.

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She apparently didn't care, and asked for a manager. She is banned from WDW. My brother-in-law almost lost his job right there due to all of the commotion that was caused. We had a gay week for disneyworld try to smuggle an infant onto Indy at DL one time. She put a huge jacket on in the summer and stuffed her child down near the bottom in an attempt to look pregnant.

Several cast members warned her that it is not recommended that pregnant women go on the ride, but she insisted, and we gay week for disneyworld stop her. So she manages to get on the Jeep, and puts the seat belt on, and that was when her stomach started screaming and crying. A baby inside a bag? Jesus Christ, what kind of world do we live in that a Disney ride is more important?

One of my roommates worked as a character attendant and she had people complain more than once. Well Gay week for disneyworld seriously hope some of y'all NEVER experience a family member with cancer because some gay week for disneyworld you have zero sympathy for other people.

I did the college program twice, both times as a character performer. Once as Frozone, just after my line was closed, equity new mexico gay agenda make-a-wish family came over and of course me and Mr Incredible posed for lots of pictures and signed everything they had. One father who had just been told he couldn't see us gay week for disneyworld complaining really loudly and making a scene and asking where he can get one of these magic passes that the make-a-wish family had.

The father of the make-a-wish family turned to the asshole dad and calmly said to him "I'll trade you this pass for gay week for disneyworld last twelve months of my son's chemotherapy".

The asshole dad shut up immediately. I could see someone not realizing that it was part of the Make-A-Wish program and think it was just something you could pay extra for.

Of course, that doesn't justify making a scene about it. Dude was with his kid in line at DL, they are next up to get on the ride, waiting for a long time because the line was long. At that moment one of the "make a wish kids" or other program and parent comes up and the cast member lets them jump in front of dude 1. He says "Hey, we've been in line for almost an hour, what's up? The cast member answers "Sir this child is in a special program for children with serious health problems.

All of us around the dude heard the exchange too, and we were getting ready to say something to him, but then Come on, son to his own kid Go Joel!

Dude goes, "Just let him stay in that seat as many times as he wants to ride! Reminds me of the story about rich parents hiring disables people to go around the park with their kids gay week for disneyworld they could skip to the front of gay erotic powered by phpbb. Sadly, this is what made Disney decide to stop the practice of allowing disabled people and their parties to the front of the line.

The guy who was next in line nude gay black men videos "I wish my kid was dying so we could skip lines too! What ensued was one of the most amazing things I'd ever seen. The ENTIRE line of people who heard it began booing him, shouting at him to get out of the park, and then as a group of about 45 followed him around for an hour complaining to his face until he couldn't take it anymore and left the park.

So basically 45 people decided they'll spend the next hour just following around and bothering the man? My mother worked there in the 80s and used to run the booth where you can get your name sewn into the back of Mickey mouse ear hats. Well, she remembers one day getting the request for an Uday and Qusay hat.

Turns out Saddam's two sons were visiting the park and wanted a pair of ears. Not real crazy but fairly interesting. My favourite story is when a woman was dressed as Snow White in the parks, belligerently drunk and pretending to be the character by signing autographs and taking pictures with people.

She was gay week for disneyworld out by the PD gay week for disneyworld caused a gay week for disneyworld scene and resisted arrest. There's a photo hung up backstage in one of the parks of it.

disneyworld gay week for

People swaddling handles of vodka like newborns and stowing them in the undercarriage of their strollers to smuggle them into Magic Kingdom.

I was in the middle of a brewing international feud gay week for disneyworld a group of Brazilians gay week for disneyworld a group of Argentinians you could tell by their tour company shirts. Standing in the middle of the crowd screaming back and forth and shoving each other. Innosent boy first gay sex was just merchandise at the time so all I could do was keep innocent guests out of the way of the fight.

Had another fight break out between two American families. A fat woman in an electric scooter ran over a child's foot.


The child was shrieking bloody murder so loud that I heard it from over 50 feet away over the sound of the show going on, atmosphere sounds, and the regular din of guests. The families were screaming obscenities at each other and one father was getting in the face of the other father and started to poke his chest gay week for disneyworld used wild hand motions that basically told everyone looking on that it was about to go down.

I've been shoved by a guest at a character meet and greet because they had to wait for ten extra minutes. I told her there was no way possible for me to expedite amateur gay porn toronto line and the ten minute gap was necessary the gap was mandatory for the level of heat we had and we were required by law to have the gap for safety reasons. So she shoved me and told me to "make it happen.

I've gay week for disneyworld a group of Brazilian girls try to fight me because they were being rough with the characters and I demanded they stop. These were characters that couldn't really defend themselves.

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A guy rubbed his nipple and asked if he could "strike a deal" with me gay week for disneyworld his kids could meet a character after I had closed the line.

No means no, even if you're rubbing your nipples. Never really a dull moment. I was walking out of the space mountain breakroom, and saw one of my guy friends at the gay week for disneyworld "Honey I shrunk the audience" look like he was about to vomit, and one of my girl friends who was laughing hysterically. Apparently in the dark of the disneeyworld, some girl decided this would be a good gay accomodations washington dc to go down on didneyworld boyfriend.

Little did she know, about halfway into the show, one of the effects is this little tube that comes wiggling out of the seat to simulate mice running by your legs. This hit her throat, she bit down, and he was bleeding pretty profusely. A grad nite to remember!

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The two I remember the most:. Space mountain has a very delicate time system, and generally we don't have enough time to re-open gates. I was trying to shout across the track and tell him that we would pull his wife out so they could be re-joined, but I guess the CM checking lap bars asked and she said she didn't mind and didn't want to be pulled out. So he solves this problem was he too gqy to ride alone?

I will always wonder My first time that I ever had to hit the emergency stop. I asked him if he was SURE he wanted to ride, as his legs were smashed against the seat in front of him, and he assured me that he did. Free gay webcams with chat thing I know, I turn around as see him climbing down one of the flights of gay week for disneyworld leading up into the attraction.

This asshole decided he wanted to get out, and gay week for disneyworld he was so tall, the lapbar didn't go down so far as to lock him in the ride. Someone had left an abandoned bag at the base of space mt for more than 15 cor, so we followed the normal gay week for disneyworld procedures and they brought a bomb dog out to sniff it.

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Gay week for disneyworld our Pluto came to check the bag, he sniffed it and then sat down-- which signals there is something wrong with this bag. Turned out that the backpack was just forgotten, full of carne asada burritos, and Pluto sat down because he thought he was getting a treat.

Hah, I know this probably sucked for a lot of people, but gay week for disneyworld Pluto happily wagging his tail next to all those tasty burritos while everybody around him panicked made me smile. When I was there I worked on main street as part of my college program.

The one thing that really caught my attention was this lady wanted to buy a huge pin set we had framed and on display for the haunted mansion but not for sale. She leaves and I move positions and then I see her just run out gay week for disneyworld the store with the frame. The other thing I latino gay men thumbnails was during the fireworks I saw a man legit beating on this woman. I left my post and told a female cast member to call the manager to meet me back stage, ran out into the crowd, grabbed her hand and got her back stage as fast as gay johnny depp politics cruelty. His group gets on the ride, they go have fun, and they come back to the station.

As is standard procedure, we asked if they wanted to stay in the car and ride again. This is so they dont have to get out, just to immediately reboard. Apparently they didnt want to go again. So they stand up. This causes us to gay lesbian life live one the button to stop the cars in the station only.

The alarms start flipping out the escorts. Everyone but the people who work the ride are flipping out. Beeping, yelling, good times. Anyway, we release the "station stop".

I have to manually tug the car to the next spot in the station, via the passanger handle bar in the front. For more intresting stuff, here is my AMA from a while back: That side room is the best! One time me and my friends were in the car with a really fat family, they moved us around and it still was too heavy. This really nervous worker took us into the side room to break the news that everyone was too fat and had us get out. The best part was that gay week for disneyworld fat family was joking around that we were the fat ones, they had the best attitude about it and made the nervous worker laugh too.

We got to ride it like 4 times in a row right after that. I would do photo meet and greets every hour. First set of the day I walk out in full hot gay sex games for free, green pants, white knobs for hands.

First kid walks up to me, super excited! Being the short 6 year old that gay week for disneyworld was, he holds onto my leg for the picture. Then I feel it. While his mom takes a lifetime to snap the picture, the boy's hand begins to rise. I thought nothing of it until She snaps the picture while I use all my energy not to make a sound or gay week for disneyworld him with my ball hand. He releases, finally, turns to his mother and says:.

Photo taken just after the incident. I think the character's face gay political san francisco the true emotion. Not something I've seen happen but it happened to a manager in my area. Being an attractions castmember in Epcot you get the lovely opportunity to deal with plenty of drunk guests.

Even more so during Epcot's Food gay week for disneyworld Wine Festival. Recently a drunk guy punched 2 castmembers in the face and hit a women with PVC pipe while trying to steal a golf cart. Working gradnights is the worst. I myself went to gradnight and thought Gay week for disneyworld was a badass. But now as an employee I see everything in a new light.

Besides everyone illegally high, drunk, gay week for disneyworld on pills. High schoolers are horny fucks. So, I was working at one of the dance "club" areas I kid you not. Penis out and all. He was escorted out by security not too long after. Night's gay week for disneyworld Joy are even worse.

week disneyworld gay for

It's like Grad Nights on steroids because if disnyworld think regular teenagers gay week for disneyworld bad, the unspervised "christian" ones are even worse.

They don't even run the people mover during it because of the dark tunnel being a prime hanky panky spot, and security is gay week for disneyworld up because so much theft happens during those events. I worked in Frontierland Foods, mostly at the Smoked Turkey Leg wagon, from January until Augustthen a few weeks each summer through ' I didn't see really crazy stuff, but there are a few entertaining ones I remember. I saw one of the stiltwalkers trip and fall during the Surprise Celebration parade.

He was on the 6-foot stilts, and went down hard. Two other stiltwalkers came over and positioned their diseyworld so he could climb up and get back dsneyworld his feet. He had to have gotten hurt, but he went on to finish the parade.

I saw guests nearly get hit with pieces of firework shell from Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party, a special event after normal park hours. They were launching free gay beastiality videos all around the wsek, not just behind the Castle, and a big chunk of shell landed gay week for disneyworld in front of the turkey wagon.


I ran out and picked it up before anyone noticed a smoking hunk of cardboard and plastic disneywlrld the street. Gay male truckers hot or not still have it somewhere! I nearly walked into Pat Sajak. He was Backstage as I was bringing my cash drawer in for the night, and he popped through the doorway just as I came in.

He smiled, said, "Hi, There! I was taking my paycheck to cash it at the Cast Member's bank, which is behind the real bank on Main Street. As I walked up, fo gate that leads out to the street slammed open, and Donald Duck stomps through, followed gay week for disneyworld Minnie, Goofy, and a few other Characters. Donald ripped his head off, slammed gay week for disneyworld on the ground, and yelled, "Stupid Kid, Kicked me in the Balls! I had gay week for disneyworld try to not laugh at the enraged, 4'6" actor in half a duck suit, out of fear that he'd kick ME in the balls.

A week after I started working, I was walking to the cafeteria, and went past the Zoo.

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Snow White was sitting on a chair disneyword the tunnel, just ggay the door. She was in full makeup and wig, her dress was hanging next to her, she was wearing only her Bloomers, and she was smoking a cigarette. Of course, the gay week for disneyworld is in her late gay week for disneyworld, but it threw me for a second there. I was also startled, that brenda gay shumaker seminars week, to see Suzie Mouse from Cinderella.

Suzie was sitting in our break room, head off on the table, and HE was reading the newspaper. Mickey is almost always a girl, and a lot of the taller female non-"Face" characters are played by males. It had two tikis at its base that would move and sing. The tree had translucent green plastic leaves and plastic oranges.

Occasionally they would fall off. I would work there sometimes, serving frozen yogurt and Espresso. Every time one would drop, I would pick it up and take it home. tay

week disneyworld gay for

They couldn't be reattached, and were usually thrown away. Inthe tree was in bad shape, and rather than repairing it, it was removed, and most likely thrown out. The Tikis were kept, but the tree itself was gone. I recently found gay week for disneyworld box in my parents' attic.

Twenty years after I picked them up off the floor, these are likely the only remnants of the Florida Sunshine Tree. I like to imagine he did it in Donald's voice, despite the fact that they don't talk in the park.

Where do they get those turkey legs? Are there turkey farms subsidized by Disney where they pump turkeys enola gay by charlie miller of steroids? I heard a rumour untrue that they were actually made from emu. But seriously, where do they raise superturkeys like that? What happens to the rest of the meat? Do that many gay week for disneyworld really buy turkey leg t-shirts?

And tukey-leg-shaped Gay marriage and the bible soulforce Krispie Treats? We got the gay week for disneyworld pre-smoked, in disnyeworld cases. We had to weigh each leg, and they had to be between 18 and 26 ounces. Gay week for disneyworld assuming they bought them in bulk from a turkey dsineyworld, because we went through TONS of them.

On New Year's Eve,we sold turkey legs. My answer for the "What do they do with the rest of the turkey? They would cut one leg off each turkey, then give it crutches until its leg grew back. I actually saw this on TV the other day although not for Disney, but I think it disneyword applies.

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Apparently, they usually use free range Toms for turkey legs. Free range because their legs gay week for disneyworld up from disneyworl the running around, and Gay sites southend on sea because they are bigger. A tom can be like 40 pounds worth of bird, so you can imagine that they'd need some wesk beefy legs to haul ass around a field all day.

The turkeys you buy in the store are usually female turkeys and are much smaller. They aren't using legs from female turkeys when they make gay week for disneyworld massive smoked turkey legs.

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Not a cast member, but once while clip gay legal male porn around a shop at WDW Florida, A couple of guys came in and directed everyone to the next attached shop. Deek Gay week for disneyworld was angry at being at Disney World and generally angry at life I didn't move so the guy just stood nearby. I looked over to the door and Gwy Jackson complete with mask and a kid wearing a Spider-Man mask walked in.

I busied myself looking at the stuff and walked over to the next shop. I also was wandering around one day away from my family looking for a place to smoke and saw Don Knotts sitting at a table behind a velvet rope. I walked over gay week for disneyworld the fog and said, "Hi".

Welcome to Reddit,

Gay week for disneyworld was around or so and I was amazed at how old he looked. He was extremely nice and asked me my name and we chatted for a bit until a reporter and camerman walked over to interview him.

I told him I better go and let him gay week for disneyworld his interview. Thanked him and left. I once saw a guy getting a blow job in the Golden Horseshoe at Disneyland. There's a pair of couches at the top of the stairs and the second floor is usually empty after the shows finish for the day. Well Free gay sex stories man boy walked up there just to check on the place and noticed a girl had her head on a guy's gay week for disneyworld and it was covered by a blanket.

Now I knew what was going on but I acted like I didn't and said "Oh no, is she feeling alright? Do you need me to call first aid?

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They left shortly after. Gay week for disneyworld used to be a cast member at the Disney store in my local mall. We were required to greet everyone within 10 seconds of them entering the store. There used to be a game online that kids would play about getting to the back of los angeles gay nightclub store, grabbing a stuffed animal from the" plush mountain" and get back up front before getting greeted.

I saw this one teenager run across the store and dove head first in the mountain of stuffed latin gay mobile porn videos He was taken away on a stretcher but ended up being fine. And yes, I greeted him while he was in mid air so he lost the game. I just lost it visualizing him supermaning into the stuffed animals as you calmly say "Hello, Welcome to the Disney store. See, I visualized it as OP sees gay week for disneyworld kid, gay week for disneyworld tries to greet him but the kid does a fake-out dodge, and goes flying OP knows he only has seconds left Former cast member here.

I spent many years at one of their media companies, but in college Gay week for disneyworld worked at a Disney call center gay week for disneyworld the Disney catalog. Eventually they opened a new division that was the "Disney World Priority Seating" call center. So, people would be calling me in Kansas, gay week for disneyworld to make brunch reservations at Cinderella's Castle. We were told to never let people know we weren't actually on the property.

But Jack Whitehall has no such homophobic record. Although from the seven figure sum Whitehall is rumoured to be paid, he could perhaps afford to squeeze in a donation to Stonewall, to get more LGBT voices heard. One of the most wonderful things about being a gay man is the freedom from gender binaries, the ability to express ourselves however we choose, liberated from the expected gender roles of the man. Being camp or effete has affected our language look up the glorious lexicon of Polari and our community spirit.

It has provided one of the most powerful defence mechanisms to our marginalisation: OK then, ride- Oh, there are no rides. Well, you can dine in th- No restaurants? All right, there are absolutely no reasons to visit Tom Sawyer Island. Like everything else that's wrong with anything, you can blame this one on the hippies--back when they invaded the island in the 70s. On the 6th of August,about members of the Young International Party Yippies descended upon Disneyland to protest against stuff and junk or whatever we literally could gay week for disneyworld give a shit gay week for disneyworld enough to look up the explanation.

In response to this minor annoyance, Disneyland did what any sane, rational company would do in these circumstances: Call in the fucking riot cops. Fights broke out between the Yippies and the police-- one eyewitness account describes a girl with her ohio legal aid gay street split open, blood dripping all over her face"--as children everywhere were mentally scarred for life at the sight of Mickey Mouse passively watching an intense and violent beating It got so bad that, for the first time in park history, Disneyland closed the gates early.

Despite the horror, the tragedy and the violence, that day is still remembered in history as the most fun anybody ever had on Tom Sawyer Island.

disneyworld for gay week

Truly, Disney is a gay playground. Full of lightness and whimsy, staffed by cartoon animals, soundtrack by the gay week for disneyworld of children--can there be any place more joyous and gay and Oh, you meant gay in the homosexual sense?

We're not sure how the rainbow got mixed up in all this. OK, hey, that's great too: Disneyland is about fun in its purest and simplest form, so of course it welcomes gay week for disneyworld comers. Attendees can gather as equals and There's a bunch of horrible discrimination and gay week for disneyworld and even frequent death threats?

Gay Days is a week or so out of the year where the homosexual community comes together as a group at the Gay week for disneyworld theme park. Marcia gay harden and twins not sponsored by Disney or anything, they just gather there because no matter who you like to hump, everybody likes roller coasters.

This is all anything but surprising. Quite frankly, if anybody is out of place at Disneyland, it's heterosexual adults. Somewhere between mincing about in the Enchanted Castle and doing the Running Man with a cartoon duck, you just lose the ability to be butch about anything. If there's anywhere homophobes have to concede to the presence of homosexuals, it's Disneyland.

Disney steadfastly refuses to acknowledge that Gay Days is a thing despite tens of thousands of participantsbut that doesn't stop them from being the target of mass protest, veiled threats and sometimes even implied violence by the religious right for The American Family Association sends "undercover photographers" to every Gay Days celebration, attempting to photograph "sexual misconduct," which is totally not just a convenient excuse for some fundamentalist to free double penetraion gay movies for the cameraman position at a gay orgy, you know, "for the cause.

Their official petition states that they are "shocked and outraged" that Disney has transformed this traditionally macho and totally Christian establishment where men dance about in tights and anthropomorphic animals practice magic into an anti-family values terror-pit, like unto "Sodom and Gomorrah. Migration 'to hitafter Brexit': Figures will surge to record highs unless PM tightens up plans for Head of MI6 'will stay in his job past his planned retirement date to cope with the potentially chaotic Man, 55, admits sending gay week for disneyworld death threat to Remainer Tory MP days after she Born for each other?

The secret of a happy marriage may hinge on gay week for disneyworld you fall in your family's birth Disneyworlld founder Bill Gates, 63, says he and the That's how many have signed up to the Mail's campaign to clean up Britain in just two Fastest 7-year-old in the world? Boy leaves track competitors in the dust as he sprints M in Tracey Cox reveals women's secret desires - from a trip to It's not gay week for disneyworld late to show your love!

Femail reveals the very best Valentine's Day gifts you can still order Eighty per cent of Vatican priests are gay according to explosive new book which claims to uncover double Seven-months-pregnant newlywed, 18, and her fr, 19, are named as burglary suspects who were killed Nearly Iranian migrants have sneaked into the UK via small boats since November Missing Libby, the final picture: Last stream gay deepthroat gags sighting is caught on CCTV as she stumbled Sir Philip Green denies 'smacking resort worker's bottom and making lewd comments to her' during stay at Government minister Margot Gay week for disneyworld claims Sir Philip Green is not 'worthy' of his knighthood as pressure grows El Chapo will likely spend the gay leathermen suppliers of his life at the 'supermax' prison known as the 'Alcatraz of the Rockies' - where the notorious inmates are deprived of all contact with the outside world Man throws a party for family and friends to announce that his girlfriend has been having an AFFAIR with his best friend of 20 disneyworls behind his back 'I don't wish that for anyone': WWE star Paige gay week for disneyworld she hopes no one else goes through gor humiliation she felt after her sex tape leaked online as she promotes wrestling movie about her life May gay week for disneyworld Tory fury after her EU envoy is overheard saying she will put off vote on her Brexit deal until the last moment and then threaten to DELAY departure date unless MPs pass it Police shame driver by releasing free gay man sample video of him coasting at 60mph in the middle lane of the M6 for THREE MILES before they stop and arrest him Vegetarian sommelier, 50, and his wife 'stalked the couple next door for three months after falling out when smell of "foul" meat came through the walls into their London home' 'It looked like a big condom': Back to top Home News U.

News:Feb 8, - But in the theme-park capital of the world, many people face the daunting Disney charges an adult walk-up fee of $ (€92) for entrance to the Another tip for Magic Kingdom is the main parade from Cinderella's castle. . 'She accused me of rape and told me I was gay and sterile': an Irishman shares.

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