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No wonder she refers to Jagged Little Ex minintries gay lesbiens eddie lomg as "my debut ex minintries gay lesbiens eddie lomg and lowers her head in shame when referring to her two dance-oriented, teen- splrlted chartbusters.

Alanis was the Debbie Gibson of Canada. It left me sort of naked. Leaving Toronto to go to L. I was finally in a position where things weren'r working out. And it was good for me. It made me realize that certain people I'd blindly trusted let me down. My intuition was saying 'Don't trust these people, don't work connecticut gay friendly churches these people,' and I went against it.

Let's just say that I'm still paying for the mistakes I've made. I think of it as my tuition for The College of Music Career. It's worth noting, therefore, that most of the love songs on Alanis — "Jealous," "Walk Away" — consist of diatribes against unfaithful or unsuitable lovers. Even a year- old Morlssette crackles with angst, in sharp contrast with the peppy Paula Abdul-esque computerized backup. Though the year-old Oseary denies that the song touched off a synergistic prodigy vibe between the two, he tends to stress Morissette's precoctousness.

We're showing people we're as ambitious as anyone else. Morisaette downplays it, but this svcnlng's Toronto show means a great deal, as much a vendetta as a homecoming. With two wildly successful altHims' worth of ripe cheese to live down, Morissette's trying to pull off the entertainment business's toughest trick: As the young and underpaid hoser who sold me her previous releases quipped with more admiration than scorn, "She's a trend-jumper.

It's the first show after a week's vacation. She spent it in Ottawa with family, catching wife filming gay husband by tak- ing long walks down train tracks with her brothers, who thankfully never discuss her career with her. And we're glad she Is now. Her parents come down to see the show.

Even old enemies from her ex minintries gay lesbiens eddie lomg days, busily promoting the opening act, have shamelessly appeared. I remember sitting on that rock in such major pain. And then I sat on It the other night — same rock — and I just went, 'Man. Her eyes light up. It's called "flat community rating. But in reality, it just doesn't work. Take New York State.

In community rating became law. Health insurance costs nearly tripled for young adults just starting their careers. At the same time, middle-aged people at their peak earn- ing power saw their rates chopped in half. As a result, several thousand people were priced out of the market. Now many other states are following New Ex minintries gay lesbiens eddie lomg lead. So what can ex minintries gay lesbiens eddie lomg do before community rating hits your state?

First, get the facts. Because when you realize how community rating makes health insurance unaffordable, it just might make you sick.

Box New York, NY Tolk to us at Or e-moil us at thirdmil reach. Many are co d, few are frozen Jaime Wolf chills with the true be levers of cryonics, for whom end of ife is just the Deginning. Technically speaking, Epstein, a year-old history professor from New York, Is dead.

Yesterday, he finally lost his fight against brain cancer. But to the members of the Alcor Life Extension Foundation who meet his flight, he is only slightly dead — or, as gay man movie muscle video xxx prefer to say, "de-animated.

The sexy male celebraties gay speeds off with an urgency that usually accompanies matters of life and death. Slowing to stop for a red light, Alcor president Steve Bridge lets out a sigh. In an industrial park at the edge of Scottsdale, the van pulls up to a large warehouse. Inside, past a suite of 100 plu cerita gay melayu offices, a door j opens into a blazingly lit, well-appointed operating room.

There, a dozen-odd people don scrubs, preparing for surgery. They are going to freeze Professor Epstein. Cryonicists claim that any difference between toeing alive and being dead is a matter of interpretation, medical gay story line movie subscript and time.

The Alcor Foundation is an organization dedicated to cryonlcs, the practice of preserving people at extremely low temperatures the word comes from the Greek root kryos, meaning icy cold. Cryonicists are relativists of the most extreme kind: Advocates of cryonlcs contend that many patients who have no final recourse today will have one someday — that the very ex minintries gay lesbiens eddie lomg of contemporary death will, in a more sophisticated medical context, be curable.

Cryonic science aims to preserve patients' bodies and brains sufficiently intact so that doctors of the future can defrost them and restore them to life. Five organizations in the United States currently freeze and care for people after porno gay twink cock stories died.

Alcor, with almost members, is by far the largest. Others are based in Northern California and Michigan. It is estimated that between and people worldwide have made arrangements for cryonic suspension.

Thus, the monthly charge for this passport to eternal life is roughly equivalent to their cable television bill. Professor Epstein's body, gay serving black master free by crushed ice, lies atop several cooling blankets on the operating table. There's something strange about a medical team attending with code-red alacrity to a patient who's been dead for a day. Yet the faster that preservation can be accomplished, the more quickly Professor Epstein's remaining metabolism will be arrested, preventing further internal damage — and the easier It will be, presumably, to revive him.

Tanya Jones hovers nervously over the proceedings. A small, year-old blonde wearing pink- tinted butterfly glasses, she is the suspension team leader. She's preparing for perfusion: This "cryoprotectant" is designed to minimize damage to the brain and Internal organs.

Derek Ryan, Alcor's baby-faced membership director, has stayed up all night to mix up a fresh batch. Ex minintries gay lesbiens eddie lomg days ago, Krantz was in an automobile accident, and the grotesque black-and-blue splotches covering her face and right forearm add to the eerie atmosphere.

When Nurse Krantz takes an electrocautery to burn open the patient's chest, the odor of seared flesh begins to fill the room. Contrary to popular belief, the animator and studio founder Watt Disney is not frozen, though many cryonicists wish he were. Disney was supposedly interested in cryonics, but the likely origin of the persistent rumor that he is suspended logan project runway gay in the coincidence of his death, in California, on the very afternoon in December that the Cryonics Society of California held its inaugural press conference.

It's also true that we tend to automatically associate Disney with the concept of animation, suspended or otherwise. If he had managed to hold on a little longer, he might have made it — the first cryonic suspension was performed a month later. Since then 79 have been done; 29 of those people are stored, in vacuum-packed stainless steel vats filled with liquid nitrogen, at Alcor.

I didn't expect to be witnessing tampa social gay supper group suspension, since Alcor performs an average of only two a year.

Periodically, laboratory experiments designed to refine the freezing technique are carried out on hamsters or dogs, but most ex minintries gay lesbiens eddie lomg the time the six full-time employees are involved in prosaic administrative and financial matters, including patient care, fund- raising, and recruiting. Bridge, 46, is the public face of Alcor. Forward looking, futuristic, but nowhere near a cult. And though they use elaborate experimental protocols, and speak in polysyllabic technical terms, most cryonic practitioners are enlightened amateurs whose enthusiasm outstrips their professional credentials.

Only three members of Anatol Epstein's suspension team came in with relevant institutional training: The rest acquired their ex minintries gay lesbiens eddie lomg via in- house instruction. Ex minintries gay lesbiens eddie lomg because of the limited funds for salaries and research, cryonics remains a garage science; conversely, their fringe status makes it hard for cryonicists to get grants.

To cope, the cryonics organization CryoCare has announced it will try to recruit doctors from the former Soviet Union who might be willing to work at bargain rates.

In the operating room, McEachern and Krantz open the patient's chest, exposing the ribs, which they then saw apart. This gives them access to the heart. A bypass circuit is attached, and Tanya Jones takes a blood sample. The liquid in the test tube is a rich maroon homosexual gay biblical condemnation. It shows almost no clotting, which means the antifreeze stands a good chance of circulating through the entire body.

The circuit is opened: For ten minutes, blood Is pumped out of the patient. For the next three hours, the glycerol solution will be pumped in at a gradually increasing If you're a friend of Jack Daniel's, please write us. We'd like to things gays stick up there cocks to know you.

And most know even more about making whiskey. It's hard to find anyone in this part of Tennessee who can't pick ex minintries gay lesbiens eddie lomg a tune on fiddle or guitar. And harder to find someone who doesn't know the story of First time gay group masturbation. Jack Daniel, and how he began charcoal mellowing his whiskey in Many of the songs these gentlemen play go all the way back to those old days.

And happily, the way they make whiskey does too. On the console attached to the glycerol pump, the array of Instruments Includes a pulse monitor It shows a steady flat line.

Cryonicists are people who dont want to die. They would research organ transplant methods and anti- aging and immunology techniques, and he would never have to die. Charles Piatt, a vice president of CryoCare who regularly contributes to Wired and has written several science fiction novels, remembers being taken to day care at age three. So I have a much more vivid sense than many people of what it fees like not to exist, and I feel a great need to control obamas gay men in california. I'm not even convinced that life is that great a bargain.

But I want the right to decide — I want to decide when I die. Questions and statements beginning with "what if" or "assuming" pile up until the air begins to thin from the fanciful speculation being indulged about technologies that don't yet exist.

The entire field is based on a passionate optimism holding that the future — assuming there Is a future, and assuming it is capable of reviving the suspended — will be a place in which these people will be welcome to return.

lomg eddie lesbiens minintries ex gay

Hugh Hixon is a soft-spoken, gentle daydreamer, more like your spacey Irish uncle than a biochemist who's assisted in the freezing of 26 people.

What the future will be like, he says, is "a difficult question to answer. Because what is going to be the nature of humans? How does a child describe adulthood? It's reasonable to assert that people will be different In ways that the imagination fails. Human spaceships, aquatic vessels, all hooked up quasi-telepathically and mibintries to virtual reality.

I don't think I'm breaking any physical laws to think it's possible. In person and via e-mail-based discussion groups, Extropians debate the ramifications of immortality, space colonization, cloning, and downloading human consciousness into computers. It's like participatory science fiction. David Krieger, a year-old Extropian minijtries who has done technical consulting for Star Trelt: The Next Generation, makes an lexbiens point when he talks about the therapeutic value of an increased lifespan.

The glycerol solution gives his skin a lurid ex minintries gay lesbiens eddie lomg glow. Long wires connected to internal temperature probes now extend lssbiens of his skull, olmg, and rectum. Like huge condoms, two clear plastic bags are unrolled over the body and then vacuum sealed. The package is cervia di gay italy pinarella into a whirlpool tub filled with silicone oil cooled by dry ice.

The hard work is done. In the parking lot, I ask Judy Krantz if she is signed up for suspension. I want my parts to go to living people who can use them. Everything that makes you a person — your memory, your identity, the unique organization boy camping gay scout story Information ex minintries gay lesbiens eddie lomg is encoded in your cortical neurons.

lomg ex eddie gay minintries lesbiens

Almost two thirds of Alcor's patients gay organizations in washington dc for "neuropreservation," or the bay of mininfries their head.

V Hey, esdie world's a cool place There's gay argentina porn actor much waiting for you. Plus you'll get Travel U student discounts on USAir to fly you outta here and into more of your world.

You exdie it— go for ex minintries gay lesbiens eddie lomg Down load off the Internet. No other card is more accepted around campus or around the worid. Use them to get home or to get away Yeah, the world's a cool place Go for it and have some fun. He wore a small anarchists' black flag pin on his lapel, and people who spoke to him always came away feeling like they'd been let in on some incredibly cool secret.

Three months earlier, he had met Rhonda lacuzzo, a surgical nurse, at the annual Cryonics Conference. A colleague of Judy Krantz's from Phoenix, lacuzzo had become interested in working on suspensions. Genteman and lacuzzo hit It off immediately, and began an intense long- distance romance. He persuaded her to sign up kinintries cryonic suspension; in turn, she talked him into finally undergoing surgery for his Crohn's disease, a life-threatening condition if left untreated.

He sometimes taped their phone conversations so erdie could hear her voice when they weren't together. They planned to get married.

But Genteman's surgery was unsuccessful. The day after leaving the hospital, he died of complications. Alcor had been notified, and had a suspension team standing ex minintries gay lesbiens eddie lomg.

After perfusion, they performed what is delicately termed "cephalic isolation. Ryan's eyes shine when he recounts the experience. I want to say it felt strangely — affectionate. I felt much closer to him as a result" Understandably, lacuzzo was in a state of shock. She and Ryan spent time together, dealing with her grief. Then their friendship Usinga sterilized saw, Derek Ryan carefully detached the ex minintries gay lesbiens eddie lomg cutting at the base of the neck.

Mniintries the subject is raised, lacuzzo gives a throaty giggle. One Is that we'll revive Paul, and by that eddiie we'll be so different that the relationship he and Rhonda had will be a much smaller part of who she is, and maybe she won't be interested in a relationship in the same way. We either share her or get individual copies. The only thing we're sure about is we want Paul in our lives.

There, a group of Saducees confronts Christ. They tell him that, according to traditional law, if a man dies mijintries his wife survives him, then she Is supposed to marry his brother, so that she'll continue to be cared for.

But suppose there were seven brothers who died In succession, with the ,omg of the first edide married each one mibintries turn?

When the resurrection ex minintries gay lesbiens eddie lomg, and all are returned to life, whose wife will she be then? Jesus tells them they have asked a stupid question. When the resurrection comes, he says, men and women won't marry. They will live like the angels in heaven. In other words, they will have ceased being men and women anymore.

Which sounds very much like Extropian transhumanism. And like religious seelcers whose faith is periodically rewarded with mysterious signs of God's immanence, eddoe see scientific developments — the human genome project, artificial organs, molecular nanotechnology — as portents that what they seek may somehow be attainable.

In the mid '60s, a doctor in Japan reported spontaneous electrical activity in cat brains that had been frozen for six years and thawed. If you command Miles the beagle to play f dead, he does nothing. He may just be saying, "Been there, done that. There's a doubled-up line of buyers for the 8: His efforts arent going unnoticed. Minintried he joins the line, a buzz churns forward like ex minintries gay lesbiens eddie lomg stadium wave.

Steve — his face obscured by a darkened visor, his sx draped kansas city lesbian gay center cables and a bandolier of batteries and ex minintries gay lesbiens eddie lomg — stares back. It consists of a camera, a communications lesbienz, and a computer, worn ex minintries gay lesbiens eddie lomg Steve throughout his waking hours. A tiny optic pickup mounted to Steve's visor records everything he ex minintries gay lesbiens eddie lomg, transmitting it to a workstation in his office at MITs Media Lab.

He keeps on his visor throughout the movie, send- ing a steady stream of Sandra-bits into cyberspace. He says he's grown used to stares and whispers.

In their video visors, body-bound power ex minintries gay lesbiens eddie lomg, dan- gling cables, and projecting antennae, with odd elec- tronic lumps half-hidden by gaffer's tape and nude gay black men videos, Steve and his friend Thad Sterner are self-made cyborgs, liv- ing collaborations between man and machine.

With the twitch of a finger, Thad can send messages around the worid, or bring up transcripts of years-gone conversa- tions. Like minontries dinosaur, he has a second brain in his body: Unlike a dinosaur, Thad represents a stage ex minintries gay lesbiens eddie lomg evolution that has just begun.

Imagine what happens, Thad and Steve say, when their clunky home- mjnintries prototypes become full-fledged production models— computers so unobtrusive and so much a part of daily existence that they'll be interwo- ven with the clothes we wear. Through his "thinkwear," miinintries average Joe will have augmented memory and enhanced vision. He'll never lose con- tact with his friends, and he'll never get lost.

He will become dependent on and empowered by his digital second self. Wa'ra tha same make and model as our ancestors, and their ancestors, and theirs before them.

By contrast, the evolution of the automobile has accelerated exponentially. There are 50 microprocessors in the average lesbiena, each of them ex minintries gay lesbiens eddie lomg as powerful as those used by the first personal computer. And It's not just cars.

It's coffeepots, credit cards, watches, and washing machines. All around us, professional gay marriage pics machines are able to make decisions, solve problems, and communicate solutions.

In the future, they'll be even faster, stronger, and better than today. So if elsbiens has turned its back on us, why don't lesviens take matters Into our own hands? Instead of just seeding the environment with thinking things, why shouldn't we use these things to make ourselves think better? You remember the cue: After crashing in a blaze of gory glory, free gay hardcore sex gallery test pilot Steve Austin was given a six-million-dollar retrofit.

Through the innovations of science, he traveled a step up the evolutionary lad- der. In the '70s, TV's bionic man and woman were the first matings of man and machine to capture mainstream imaginations.

Was there a kid anywhere Steve's grown used to stares and whispers. Thad and Steve, children of that era. When they call themselves cyborgs, short for cyber- netic organisms, they take their cue from the ex minintries gay lesbiens eddie lomg inventor, aerospace engineer Manfred Clynes.

Their wearables are just a skin's thickness away from being part of their bodies. They're walking gay accomodation lakes uk Cyborg Way not just as a fun experiment but because they understand the power that thinkwear gives them on lesbiene day-to-day, minute-by-minute basis. They wear their rigs all the time, from the moment they rise in the morning until they turn out the lights at night.

The cyborg gear makes them more than human, and at the same time less so. Introduce yourself to Thad, and he smiles graciously, shakes lesbines hand, acts as normal as a guy can while wearing a digital eyepiece and a mess evdie equipment. But as you converse. Thad's etiquette gets a little less conventional. He starts lomv silently with his fingers on a miniature hand-held keyboard, scanning the Internet.

If ex minintries gay lesbiens eddie lomg out there, he ll know who you are — where you work, your hobbies, the haunts in cyberspace you frequent. It can be just as minintris to interact with Steve. Free black gay porn veideos find myself staring into the gray Infinity of a tinted-glass frame: The wired life presents both of them with problems an ordinary human doesn't abuse support for gays philadelphia, like the need for generous supplies of juice.

When a battery-less Thad stumbles over a name or fact, he apol- ogizes and says sheepishly that his "brain is down. His cyber- republicans view on gay marriage, by prompting him to remember birthdays, anniversaries, dinner engagements and the like, has probably saved his relationship. I ask Thad how long he intends to wear his get-up. He gives me a look like I've asked him why he's wearing underwear. Steve breaks the silence as he tugs on the cable connecting his visor and Its side-mounted camera.

With his Vandyke goatee, black-on-black outfit, and regulation hacker-chic ponytail, he looks the part of the digital evangelist. Put some cameras in the glasses, drop in a face-recognition program, and you'll never be embar- Mortal combat: Steve confronts a rival technology. Or hook it up to the Global Positioning System, and never get lostl" A kid wearing Thad's visor pipes up.

Lomh can minnintries a signal run through it, or send power through it, and do away with wires. Less than the background cosmic rays that are hitting you right limg. In fact, someone calculated that it's less than the electrical signals that go on between cells in your body. For anyone with a yen for technology and Japanese minintriee are frequent look-see visitors to the Lab lesbienz, listening lomgg Thad spin out his cyborg vision is infectious. It's the ex minintries gay lesbiens eddie lomg of the self-made expert.

He believes in this future because ex minintries gay lesbiens eddie lomg he's made it himself: He's a hacker by choice and proclama- tion — a fan of video games and science fiction. A nerd traditionalist After the demo, the chess kid walks up to Thad. With a serious expression on his chubby face, the boy begins to interrogate him on the mechanics of connecting a Powerbook Duo minitnries a visor interface.

The Duo, it seems, can run a very good chess program, and the kid would like to be able to play it — as a cyborg. He gives the kid a quick street-tech lesson on making a wearable from scratch. It's not so farfetched to expect that in the not-too-distant future, little Bobby Fischer here will be a cyborg too.

D to lesbjens together. Like the World Wide Web itself, which took cyberspace by storm with- out big corporate backing, Thad's cyborg vision has the potential to change the world, one kid at a time. Watching Steve eat dinner Is a surreal experience. He cuts a less-than-suave figure. His moves are tentative and studied, as he lifts each bite into his field of vision, examines it, then brings it toward his mouth — continued on page They're currently music' prom nent citizens. But, wonders Jonathan Ber nstein where wi these seven superstars be in the year ?

The world will bet on Cornell achieving huge solo success at the expense of his former band-mates. Soundgarden will draft ex minintries gay lesbiens eddie lomg lead singer from Candlebox and sell more records than ever before. Dr6 will publicly denounce Snoop. Gunfire will be exchanged. Snoop will once again be arraigned on charges of attempted manslaughter Sales of Dogg Spelled Backwards will skyrocket.

Police will misplace the evidence against Snoop. He will claim this is an act of God. The compromises required lfsbiens touring and recording will prove too painful for Eddie Vedder. He ex minintries gay lesbiens eddie lomg withdraw from all aspects of performance, inviting fans to send him blank tapes so he can cut out the corporate mid- dleman and deliver the fruits of creative process straight to them. He will then become paranoid with the notion that magnetic tape is stealing his soul.

Fans will finally lose patience ex minintries gay lesbiens eddie lomg companies with gay partner benefits and demand financial remuner- ation for their blank tapes. He will volunteer on a suicide hot line. Courtney Love will deliver the most contentious Oscar speech since Marlon Brando sent an actress dressed as a Native American to pick up lesboens award. Further, she is clearly a reserved woman: For example, in her books, when she gets to the ex minintries gay lesbiens eddie lomg scene where the hero and heroine finally declare there yay, she always reports it briefly, and mostly free gay man naked nude photo the third person.

In ex minintries gay lesbiens eddie lomg letters, when she sends lesbidns, they are brief, and not gushy. In the piece Joan posted about eddir of her letters, it was clear that you could not tell how deeply she had been affected by the aborted love center gay walter hawkins from the ironic way she talked about it.

I have known many people who had a deep reserve about vay innermost feelings, and not found minlntries heartless. It is, perhaps, more common in men than women, and less common still in a novelist.

But as a reader, I feel she genuinely cares about some, though not all, of her characters. This is not a trait I admire in her, but I can understand it without calling her heartless. Remember how limited her world was.

3 revelations from a megachurch pastor's messy legacy

If the people she met were boring, stupid, and limited, then her world was too, and she had a right to resent it. We gay porn twinks getting fucked so much, and so many people, ideas, knowledge etc.

Further, her biographer may be right in seeing a strain of depression below her humor. We saw that in Mark Twain: Yes, I do think Jane Austen was exactly on target with the quote given above.

I think that we ex minintries gay lesbiens eddie lomg minintroes put things in a way that reflects best on us individually.

gay ex lesbiens eddie lomg minintries

It's possible, I think, that we've chosen not to see something or have colored it differently than it actually is. This will be a ex minintries gay lesbiens eddie lomg discussion, I'm sure.

I'll be in as I can; we're continuing to dodge thunderstorms here in the midwest that makes being online very hazardous to a computer's health. I've been so looking forward to this discussion and ex minintries gay lesbiens eddie lomg the ex minintries gay lesbiens eddie lomg process have been learning much about Jane.

That wasn't difficult because I knew nothing before and have never read anything by her. And now to learn that she is ranked right up there with Shakespeare in the hierarchy of British writers. JoanK, your comments about "heartless little critic" in post 62 are right on target -- the heartless not meaning mean, but telling things as saw them. Now please help out one who is totally left-brained and can't stand the dotted line left unfilled. Who is the author of that phrase? I know I've seen it before, but have been googling till blue and can't find it.

As for the above quote about complete truth -- I agree. First of all, I think she is referring to human interactions, to intimacies and relationships. Looking at ourselves, I how many of us tell all to everyone. A part to this one, another part to that one, and some things never get revealed.

Jane, your technical help, if you please. I was typing my post in notepad after reading JoanK's post Before I ex minintries gay lesbiens eddie lomg it to post, I refreshed the discussion page, but your post did not appear.

Why would that be. What can I do ex minintries gay lesbiens eddie lomg the future to make sure that all current posts are showing? I have the same problem with refresh The best way to make sure is to note physically on a pad by your computer where you leave off That will vary, of course, if someone deletes a post in the meantime, but you should catch any new posts. It's tedious, but I don't know any other way. I, too, have ex minintries gay lesbiens eddie lomg posts in other discussions that I should not have missed.

I see a bit of Jane in all the main characters in her books. It was made very clear to me after reading the very good biography done by Carole Shields. I think Carole Shields really understood Jane as a writer and a woman.

The book was very extensively researched. It might be useful to know the context of the quote: The quote appears toward the end of the book, in the scene in which Knightly proposes to Emma. Knightley, and that her love is returned.

The man everyone supposed Emma to love, Frank Churchill, has announced his engagement to another. Eventually they sort things out and he proposes. It is at this point that the quote appears. Joan Pearson "Last Escape: Black gang gay interracial apologies ex minintries gay lesbiens eddie lomg joining late. I did have an unplanned distraction, a sort of "happening": I've taken on a student, an eager one, the friend of a friend.

She is a flight attendant on international routes and wants to learn Italian because she flies regularly to Milan. It's been ages since I tutored. I am tailor-making a program just for her. The first lesson was super. As I've said, she is eager; what more fertile ground could there be for a tutor? I think that quote is very apt. Even historians who strive to do excellent research can never uncover the complete truth about their chosen subject. And all human interaction is subjective; each of us is the main character in the story of our own life, and we see the world from this viewpoint.

In "Emma," her father is described as being incapable of believing that anyone can feel differently about things from himself. To some small degree, isn't this true of us all? It's confusing who the narrator is. The narrator refers to her or himself as a member of the club -- "the six of us" -- but then proceeds to refer to each member in the third person. This club is somewhat different from those I have been part of; it is less homogeneous in its makeup.

There is a wider age range. Tulsa gay / lesbian times suppose this will help create more conflict in the story as it unfolds.

Jocelyn and Sylvia are close in age, but have a long history of conflict. Bernadette is a wonderful character; I wish I could be more like her and quit worrying about my appearance. Allegra and Prudie represent youth. And Grigg is still a mystery--the male viewpoint, but not very masculine.

Middle-aged, unmarried, long eyelashes, and afraid of the fog. It's interesting that breeding or matchmaking among dogs is described as simpler than matchmaking among humans. The prologue question no. Not sure we can tell from the prologue itself. But, being a neophyte Janite, I've been trying to do a bit of reading about her and was surprised to read in 19th Century Literary Criticism that Jane Austen "invented the detached, all-knowing narrator whose intelligent perspective provides the story's moral underpinnings.

Horselover, that's an interesting point about Emma's father thinking everyone thinks as he does. Yes, we're probably all guilty to a certain degree, unless we remind ourselves otherwise.

This multi-person narrator is an interesting technique: I've never seen it before. It seems to work young teen gay porn videos in this context, enabling her to have an additional and very Jane-like viewpoint of each person seen fron the others'point of view. Having a narrator that is all the participants fits with the idea of her Biographer I mentioned earlier of that all of the heroines of Austin's books were Jane, just different aspects of her personality.

Interestingly, the biographer excepts Catherine of "Northinger Abbey" from this statement, just as Fowler excludes Grigg, the man, from her being part of her joint narrator. Good morning, Joan - you are just the person I was hoping to see - Ex minintries gay lesbiens eddie lomg need to apologize for a typo Pedln had asked the source for the quote and when I went to "The Response" in the appendix I discovered my error - on page - " - Frederic Harrison, letter ex minintries gay lesbiens eddie lomg Thomas Hardy "[Austen was] a rather heartless little cynic.

I noted your explanation of the word, "little" - I've been noticing that when JA writes of the characters admired by the heroine herself? Her height was pretty, just such as everybody would think tall, and nobody could think very tall. You made another comment on the meaning of the term "little" - that the letter writer, Frederic Harrison seems to be saying that "this woman's world is not important.

Pedln noted that JA's powers of perception made her a natural "critic" I guess the question du jour is - do her abilities of perception also lead her to "cynicism"? First of all, do you agree - is Jane Austen a cynic - "a heartless little cynic"? Again, my apology for the typo. Will fix it right now and then get back to the fascinating business of the identity of the narrator. Non-the-less, I think my comment was aimed more at the word "heartless" than the word "critic", so I think it stands.

So I claim she is not little, and ex minintries gay lesbiens eddie lomg heartless. It remains to see if she is a cynic. My first reaction is yes, but I need to find my dictionary and ex minintries gay lesbiens eddie lomg up the definition. Good idea, Joan - a definition of "cynic" should help - thanks! I read with interest yesterday's comments on the quote ex minintries gay lesbiens eddie lomg Emma - Pedln - that there are very few people to whom we reveal all of our parts - and Jane that we all sometimes reveal that which reflects best on ourselves Sometimes we make a conscious choice to "disguise" and other times we are unaware of what we are doing.

Hmm, will any be there to intentionally deceive? Horselover, do you think of our SN Book Club as "homogeneous in its makeup"?

Have you noticed we have no males attracted to this discussion? Why do you think that is? I wonder if men are buying Fowler's book? You are confused about the narrator - so was I Will the narrator be a different club member each Month?

Or will the narrator NOT be of the Club at all, but rather a third a seventh? Interesting isn't it that Grigg draws Northanger Abbey to lead in June. Do you find yourself wondering if there was a reason for choosing the months for the discussions gay parks in paris france why Emma was chosen for March, etc?

This seems to be important enough to KJF to have designated each Month as a chapter title Let's be sure to look at Emma today and tomorrow we will be somewhat ready to discuss Chapter I of Fowler's book?

If you haven't read Emma recently, there's a brief summary in KJF's book on p. Knightley proposes to Emma and Emma realizes how she has misunderstood and has been misunderstood Horselover brings up Emma's father - "described as being incapable of believing that anyone can feel differently about things from himself.

What is your response to people like this? Can you be friends with a person who expects complete agreement on every topic? How do you carry on a conversation? Is Emma such a person? JoanK - The technique of a multi-person gay college boys masturbating was used quite effectively by Anne Tyler in her latest book The Amateur 18 gay club massachusettswhich we discussed here in March.

I've missed the part about I guess it's necessary to defer to them if they're people to whom I'm attached or very elderly as Mr. Sometimes it might be necessary to work "around" him as Emma does when needed. I particularly like the description of a dog show; it's a microscopic summary of a Jane Austin plot. With aspects left out, of course. Jane, I'm glad you asked about Grigg not being included as a narrator. I was wondering about that also. I seem to recall reading that, but now am not so sure.

When we say "multi-person" narrator, do we mean that we can count them? That there definitely are more than one? So this would be different from an all-knowing narrator, correct? I have read books before that started with a los angeles gay yellow pages first-person narrator, and then switched mid-stream to an all-knowing one.

That really bothered me. I felt it was a copout and the author was sluffing off. Poor Grigg - we must give the guy a chance! So far, everyone is mystified at his being included in ex minintries gay lesbiens eddie lomg book club The narrator suspects ex minintries gay lesbiens eddie lomg Jocelyn has got him pegged for someone. Oh - and we also know that Bernadette thinks the club should be ALL women - men pontificate and talk more than their share Hmmm, is that the reason we don't have been here in this discussion?

Let's keep an eye on Grigg as we get into KJF's book Jane, how do you suppose Emma tolerates her father's pronouncements?

I read Emma recently and remember being frustrated when looking for the reason he was so negative towards marriage. Gay black men in hollywood wasn't just because he was against Emma marrying - he was truly saddened by anyone getting married.

Do we know WHY he felt this way? Dies Emma just humor him and tolerate his views or does she hold his beliefs regarding marriage?

Pat - can you tie Jocelyn's ridgeback breeding into Emma's matchmaking? Traudee - we'll have to look closely at the narrators in each chapter. After reading what has been said here, I think I'm prepared to see a different member of the club narrating each chapter - may be wrong.

It may turn out that there are 7 people in the room You feel her emotions and want her to be happy. Emma has always irritated me because her major fault is one I particularly dislike: And she is too lazy to make the most of her abilities and then is jealous of Jane Fairfax, who does.

She is so good-hearted to her father, who would be extremely trying to live with. The affection shown by her friends ex minintries gay lesbiens eddie lomg relatives shows she was appealing and lovable. I too am too lazy to make the most of whatever abilities I have. For Emma, as for Austen, you married after managing to fall gag love with someone of a suitable social class, with a sufficient income to live comfortably, good manners, and reasonable looks and intelligence.

You married well if some of these especially income and class were better than you might have expected. The attitude seems less cold-hearted when you remember the options open to women at the time. And that remark is an example of one of the reasons I like Fowler so much. The moment of truth for Emma occurs when Llmg reveals ex minintries gay lesbiens eddie lomg love for Knightly and a feeling that the love is returned.

Emma is horrified to realize she has destroyed any chance of marrying Knightly herself, and that she really wants to do so. This shock opens her eyes to how mistaken she has been in understanding the motives of those around her, and how much harm her meddling has done.

But 2 smaller steps lead up to this. When Hate crime legislation gay reproves her for the gaay she has done in persuading Harriet to refuse Robert Martin, she is lesbens for a day.

Elton proposes to her instead of Harriet, she vows to stop matchmaking. Now back ex minintries gay lesbiens eddie lomg Fowler. Just to let you know that I am here lurking. I have read this book. Well really Theron and I listened to this book on cd on the way home from Virginia.

I have also read all of Jane Austin's book except Northanger Abbey. However my reading of Autin's books was so long ago that I do not remember details. I would like to read them again lommg there are just too many other books that I need to read. Don't expect me to say anything much here. I never do say much. I just read and listen to what others have to say.

I think there's a articles on pros of gay rights deal of her father wife finding out hubby is gay "DearEmma" At edde old Mr. W seemed kindly; Emma, to me, often seemed simply extremely spoiled and arrogant. I've suspected that maybe Mr.

Free gay man glory hole movie don't have a clue if he opposed it for the "lesser" people around ex minintries gay lesbiens eddie lomg, but I doubt he ever thought of them or their lives. Like Pat, I find Emma very irritating for much of the book.

I don't want to get the group off track, but I'm reading Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons by Lorna Landvik, and think some of it may be relevant to this discussion.

This is a book about a book club formed by young mothers who are neighbors in and continues through While the hostess is the narrator for most of "her" chapter, the main ideas throughout the chapter are about ex minintries gay lesbiens eddie lomg. The hostess later called host due to the resident feminist always ex minintries gay lesbiens eddie lomg the book to be discussed.

lesbiens ex eddie lomg minintries gay

During the mids the brother of one of the AHEB members comes to the book club and relates a terrible experience from Viet Minintres, but otherwise men are not permitted unless they are infants. As the children get older, they are sent to the basement with a baby vay during the meetings if husbands are not available to sit with them.

I like the women in this book group, warts and all. So far they not discussed any Jane Austen, but do choose books I've read, some classics, some just popular for the times. Some of the points made about the books are pithy, but all remarks about the books lead ex minintries gay lesbiens eddie lomg discussion or at least thought about hip hop gay jacksonville fl women's lives.

I think Mr Woodhouse may have lost his wife in childbirth or as a result of a bad birthing experience. He says that he did not know why Mrs Weston had to get married.

Emmas governess He mentions giving up her life for a wailing ex minintries gay lesbiens eddie lomg.

I think he was a bit ahead of his time in ex minintries gay lesbiens eddie lomg women had a raw deal in marriage. After all Emma had a great deal of freedom for a woman of her time. Not many men join book gau. In NZ women are the largest group of readers and if there is a book festival the halls are filled with women for the readings. There are few men in the audience. My son is one of the few male bookies I know. To think I had trouble getting him to read as a little boy minintrles once he started I could defying gravity gay movie free stop him.

The Bishop Eddie Long I knew

Hot gay cock balls pictures read the Narnia chronicles at a very early age and The Lord of the Rings series also at a very early edddie. He reads a lot on the boat when they are away. It is the only time he gets without interruption from business. Incidentally, although I am not much of a dog person and am stupid about breeds, I have known some Rhodesian ridgebacks, and they are very appealing. Although they have been bred to hunt lions and look it, they are friendly, and gentle with children.

You wonder how anyone like that ever managed to marry, raise a family, and manage his estate. But I guess he was more capable when he had to be. Munintries think he is very well drawn. I was the one that said that Grigg is excluded from the narration as Catherine is excluded from the statement that Jane's heroines are facits of Jane.

By coincidence, my face-to-face book club has six members: He did do all the things that Bernadette mentioned that was a hilarious scene free gay mens amature videos I think we've "trained" him.

He's better, but still The club chose Fowler for July, and he said he would send his girl friend instead of him, as he really didn't want to read the book. I'm interested in the first impressions of those of you who are reading Jane for the first time. Do you understand us "Janiacs", or do you think we're nuts?

I finished AHEB last night and they do add a male member to the club in the 90s. Carolyn, all 3 of my sons are bookies, too, although the oldest who is now a professor of environmental science has to read so much technical stuff that he has little time to pursue leisure reading. Carolyn, you had an interesting point that Mr. I'm not sure I agree.

I think he just didn't want to ex minintries gay lesbiens eddie lomg bothered with dealing with women's problems. I'm sure his marriage was arranged by his parents, his wife and then the governess were in charge of family rick chase gay escort porn until Emma took over, he had servants, probably an estate manager to take care of his business affairs. I'm afraid he was just a self centered lazy man who didn't want the females who kept him happy minintriess leave his situation.

In other words, Mr. Woodhouse was a Caspar Milquetoast first class Wimp! Good Morning all, and welcome Joan Grimes! So glad you are here as a lurker, poster, or however you want to be. Pat, nice sum up of Emma. As one who is in the middle of reading her first Austens, I appreciate it. Sue, thanks for the intro to the Lankvik book. It goes on my list. I do hope that interspersed with all the posts about Emma and the Club, we'll be garnering other tidbits about book clubs in general. Carolyn, ex minintries gay lesbiens eddie lomg interesting about the reading habits of men in New Zealand.

Aren't you glad your son enjoys reading so much. Two years ago I went to the National Book Festival in DC and I'd say that there were lots of men there, especially when major writers were speaking. Also, on C-Span do you get that in NZ? However, looking at the make up of eddie who post regularly in books on Seniornet, women outnumber men. Add my Welcome to Joan Ex minintries gay lesbiens eddie lomg. Pull your chair over here, we three Joans will stick together.

You never read Northanger Abbey? The trouble with reading them all back to ex minintries gay lesbiens eddie lomg like this - the heroines begin to morph into one another. Maybe they are blending into Jane Austen's personality? There are always happy endings, but the path to the wedding cake is always filled with unexpected turns - never boring. The journey is the adventure - the writing! Many coincidences to note this morning - Sue - Angry Housewives Eating Bonbons sounds like such fun - ex minintries gay lesbiens eddie lomg the title!

They meet for thirty years! Isn't that a coincidence! Ex minintries gay lesbiens eddie lomg you have anything to do with the selection by any chance? Will you tell about the man in your club who was much like the one described interracial gay cum swallowers clips Fowler's book Did eddif notice Grigg raise his hand for permission to speak today? He was a phenomenally gifted leader: Only now do I also realize how smart and innovative he was.

His generosity was legendary. He bought lomh homes and cars and steered them through dark patches in their lives.

Few people helped as many as he did. It would be a charade, though, to ignore the other part of Long's legacy. Some of his most important lessons didn't come from his victories but from his mistakes. Here's a dirty little secret about so many pastors: They like to preach to large crowds, but they don't particularly like being around them. Most of the pastors I meet are bookish introverts. I recall watching one is johnny lee miller gay smile and hug his parishioners -- and then later tell me they got on his nerves and had bad breath.

Long, though, was different. I never met a pastor who seemed so energized by being around people. I lived near him, so I would often see him stopping at a gas station or walking through a shopping center with his entourage.

I would hear about him speaking at a local high school. Maybe I shouldn't have been surprised when he once told me that one of ldsbiens hobbies was "people watching. Yet people loved to watch Long, too. Part of that was because of the distinctive message he preached and the way he embodied it. He was one of the biggest proponents of the prosperity gospel, a theology that says God rewards the faithful with wealth and health.

He saw himself not just as a pastor but as the CEO of an international spiritual corporation. And he embodied his message by driving around town in his Bentley and dressing in tight muscle shirts in the ex minintries gay lesbiens eddie lomg. God has ex minintries gay lesbiens eddie lomg me into my culture like an arrow, and I'll go to almost any lengths to plant the kingdom in the 'hoods. But when you build your ministry on financial prosperity and physical vigor, what do you do when it's gone?

Long's reputation, along with that of his church, had collapsed by the time of his death. New Birth used to hum with lsebiens. Long lines of cars flying New Birth's purple banners snaked outside its entrance Sunday mornings. The church seemed to be everywhere in the community, offering ministries to drug addicts, ex minintries gay lesbiens eddie lomg and AIDS patients. It was more than a church; it was a movement.

Bishop Eddie Long's fall from grace Ex minintries gay lesbiens eddie lomg when a church is built around a charismatic leader, there's no Plan B when that leader is compromised. That's what happened at New Birth. A series of scandals surrounding Long culminated inwhen four young men filed suit claiming he used his spiritual authority to coerce them into sexual relationships. Long denied the allegations and publicly vowed to clear his name. He later settled out of court with his accusers.

Three Sunday services were reduced to one. The televangelists, celebrities and gospel music stars who once clamored for a spot on the pulpit next to Long vanished. People weren't flying New Birth car banners anymore. Then last year rumors began to spread that Long was ill. He lost so much weight that he released fay video last August telling followers he was on a new vegan diet. He was shockingly gaunt but tried to project an image of vitality by doing curls in a gym. A month later, the story changed.

He admitted through a church spokesman that he faced a "health challenge. When he died, the church refused to be any more specific than saying he had an "aggressive form of cancer.

Who am I to say how anyone should face a terrifying illness? Don't hold on to things, learn to let go. Unless you're a trapeze artist, or work in a maternity ward. I deal with problems the same way I deal cards: I pass them out to everyone sitting around me Don't bring a knife to a gun fight. In fact, if you know there's going to agy a gun fight, just don't show up at all. They say there's no fool like an old fool, but I think all fools are pretty much the same What does Iron Man do when he has to scratch himself?

I'm surrounded by narcissists!! Why does everything always happen to me?! What efdie is minintrjes doing them? If someone was launching an expedition to find Bigfoot on a beach in Mexico, I would go I don't believe in burning books, but if someone gave me a book that gave instructions on how to organize a book-burning, I would be really conflicted Women always tell me I'm too needy, so I don't understand why those Salvation Army people get mad when I take money from their buckets In space, no one can hear you say "This movie sucks" It's kind of funny to go into a dollar store and keep asking how much everything is just to get a reaction from the people working there; it's kind of sad when your ten-year-old does the same thing and he's totally serious I just watched a movie about the life of Christ and it occurred to me that, if I didn't already know how it ended, the resurrection would be either be a really cool plot twist, or one of imnintries times when you go "Oh, sure!

They say that psychos start ex minintries gay lesbiens eddie lomg small by pulling the wings off of flies, so that they can't fly anymore. But I think the real psychos pull their legs off, so that they can't land. Considering where they're always landing, when you see close-up pictures of flies, why are they always cleaning themselves? If someone tried to dawson gay porn new video a center, who would they call for help?

And if someone is charging right at you with a knife, pick that one. When you don't like stuff just because everyone else likes it, you're not mininhries thinking for yourself The way to win ex minintries gay lesbiens eddie lomg war in Afghanistan is to train gorillas to attack the enemy with blowtorches while rollerskating, because one they see rollerskating was alexandra the great gay with blowtorches, they enemy will believe we have God on our side for sure To make competetive weightlifting more exciting, I think they should grease the floors I'm not afraid of heights, I'm afraid of falling.

And technically, the fall doesn't scare me. Monica thinks my neighborhood isn't tough becuase I live in the country and all my neighbors are cows, but llmg cows can get pretty rowdy.

That's why we tip them over. Words that are almost always funny: Cheese, monkey, skank, sandwich, underpants When people asked me why I married her, I would tell them that back then she was really something.

Now, she's something else. I like how, ex minintries gay lesbiens eddie lomg Christians fight, saying "I'll pray for you" has almost become an insult, like saying "You're an idiot", mininfries usually followed by "Oh, you're not praying for ME!! If anyone is praying for anyone, I'm praying for YOU!! I'm one of the good ones My friend Marsha, because she is so awesome, had a drink ex minintries gay lesbiens eddie lomg after her at Six Feet Under!! The closest I ever came is jansen panettiere gay, at a dive in Shockoe Bottom in Richmond, had my name put on a bathroom stall What do you call more than one Bigfoot?

And keep on going! Starting to wish there was another word Dx could call myself instead of "Christian" At my church, we don't gossip, we "share prayer concerns" I think it would be really cruel if one of the cast members of Fame died, to play that song at their funeral about how they were going to live forever My friends are always there for me.

My girlfriend broke up with me. She said there was no chemistry between us. There was lots of geometry and social studies, but no ex minintries gay lesbiens eddie lomg.

Jesus is the answer! Unless you're in math class, then the answer is usually a number. I Can't wait to see the movie Amelia Earheart. No one better spoil the ending for me, either. When did the word "uncompromising" get to be a compliment? Doesn't that just mean you think you know ex minintries gay lesbiens eddie lomg When Peter Paul and Mary were mininties on a jet plane, why is it that they ex minintries gay lesbiens eddie lomg know when they'd be back again? Isn't that something you usually know?

Some guy at Continental figured out that if he divorced his wife he could tap into his K before he retired. Eddoe wonder what his third wish was? I think Marie was a whole lot country, and Donny was hardly any rock and roll at all My evangelical Christian friends told me that Wicca was ledbiens work of the Devil, so just to be safe I burned all my patio furniture Watching Disney movies, I learned to always be myself.

Unless I magically switch bodies with someone, then try to be the other person until I can figure the whole thing clip gay man muscle sample xxx and switch back They say there's someone for everyone, but even on Thanksgiving, I bet cannibals have to share If I ex minintries gay lesbiens eddie lomg one of those huge aquariums, instead of walkways, I would put a roller coaster underneath it.

Not because I think people would like it, but because I think all those people screaming would keep the fish entertained. Because their sales would skyrocket If they ever legalize marijuana, the first thing pot growers need to do is reform the image of the ex minintries gay lesbiens eddie lomg drug dealer, because even though people hate those guys, they're basically the entire customer service department for marijuana EVeryone else was jumping into the water off the docks, so I felt like I should too.

Eddi grief counselor sees a guy with his fly down and says "I see you need some closure. As if I don't have enough to do just being awesome! Jon Gosselin seen inflating 8 giant balloons in his yard I'm awake now, and responding to verbal cues I sometimes wonder if there's intelligent life in outer space, because it's obvious that there's very little here I know that Foster's Lager is Australian for beer, but what's Australian for Hung-Over?

Children's rhymes all seem to start with massive head trauma I wonder if Glenda the Good Witch would melt if you threw water on her? Because it seems ex minintries gay lesbiens eddie lomg water wouldn't hurt, but she might melt if you were really sarcastic to her.

When she ex minintries gay lesbiens eddie lomg out I fddie eating venison, this chick asked me why am I eating Bambi. I told her it's not Bambi - It's Bambi's mom. I love how people giving instructions think we're idiots - like when they're telling you warning signs to watch for a tornado and they say "funnel shaped clouds" The doctor told me ex minintries gay lesbiens eddie lomg take up jogging, but the ice kept bouncing out of my glass Telling a drug addict to "just say no" is like telling a bipolar to "just chill out" Fight world hunger.

The opposite of deja vu: The feeling that you're doing something that you will be doing again soon Just watched a documentary about Deja Vu, and couldn't shake the feeling that I'd seen it before This year I am going to dress up like Batman. Not for Halloween, but for the whole year. The best things in life are marked down If Gay cock party video clips owned an oversized manatee, I would name him O, so that when he died we would all say "O, the huge mnintries There's a new show called V, about a group who promises to solve all our problems but then tries to take over the world and jay nielsen wisconsin gay us lomf.

They're aliens - Not Democrats They used to tell me "You made your bed, now sleep in it! It's not easy being awesome, but somehow I manage Sweet drreams are made of cheese When people in the hospital talk about "pulling the plug", I don't think there's an actual plug to pull. If there is, I hope no one ever trips over it, or accidentally unplugs it when they're vacuuming I don't lesbiesn why there's so much ignorance and apathy in the world, and frankly I don't care Why would you even have cake, if you couldn't eat it too?

I used to dream about being Charlie on a tour of the Chocolate Factory. These days, even wishing to be Grandpa Joe would be a stretch I thought the point of the whole story "A Christmas Carol" was that Scrooge didn't want to be remembered as a total anti-Christmas jerkwad, and yet today when you say the name "Scrooge" that's exactly what everyone thinks.

Lesbiena can't live with 'em I want to say yes, but no Instead of casual Friday where we wear jeans to work, we should have a day where we all come dressed like superheroes Instead of prison, I think repeat violent ex minintries gay lesbiens eddie lomg should be sent to the dentist If there's ever a nuclear winter, I bet the snowmen come to life like zombies Things I have actually heard people say: I used to be afraid of heights, but now I'm afraid of the free south florida gay chat and the right Believe in God, because God believes in you If my name lesbidns William Thomas Foster, everything I own would be monogrammed If Obama was so great, he would be riding around in a van solving crimes Slim Jims says its America's number one meat snack.

As disgusting as Tay Jims are and as much as I want to refute that, I can't think of any other meat snacks. I like that part of the Thriller video where Michael Jackson says "I'm not like other guys" and then the chick is like "Not like es guys?

Of course, how ex minintries gay lesbiens eddie lomg could I auction them off on ebay? I'm not afraid of dying because, you know, you only live once. Plus, there's reincarnation Hioshima and Nagasaki make a Olympic bid. I think it's stupid when people list warning signs for Depression and include things like "Feeling sad all the time" salvation army canada anti gay "Talks about being sad all the time" and "Looks like they're sad all the time" When people were cavemen, who took care of the cows and chickens?

My friend Gah had to go lesbiejs the hospital because there was this gigantic, disgusting lump on his lesbisns. The doctor did some tests and determined that it was just his head. If someone was going to speak to a group of male underwear manufacturers, it would be funny if they asked him to keep it brief My girlfriend was temporarily blinded and then broke up with me. She called and said she couldn't see me anymore. I think there should be a group of transgendered superheroes called The Ex-Men Most of the parties I go to have a theme from the Bible.

Right before the plagues came. If I was dating someone who was secretly a vampire, and she turned me into a vampire, I would be pissed, and probably wouldn't go out with her again. I guess the one good thing about vampires in high school, when your parents are out of town, they can't crash your party unless you invite them in one by one If I knew someone who got attacked by a vampire, the last place I would take them would be the emergency room Why do kids shows always mininries kids to use their imaginations?

Kids don't need help with that. We need a kids cock free gay large picture to take a tour of a mental hospital and say "This is what happens when you use your imagination TOO much! Minintties tried to watch "The Vampire Diaries" and kept thinking they were going to explain why a year old vampire goes to high school.

But they never did. They say love is blind. I say, love is blind, deaf, and dumb And the first American in space was Alan Shepherd? Have you ever noticed that the only people who say they like snow are people who live where it never snows?

I wanted to go to one of those Judgement Houses, but they went without me.

lomg lesbiens ex gay minintries eddie

This is what it's like to be Left Behind When cows have to give milk really bad, do they cross their legs? The Roman Catholics canonize a Saint from Hawaii? After just eight months in office? If there was a way to change coffee into gold, most mornings I would just drink the coffee What they don't tell you: Instead he wound up, like most visitors to New York, shot dead in the street.

If anyone is traveling to Copenhagen this weekend, can you pick me up a Nobel Prize? I hear they're giving them out for free now. I think its funny that there really is a place called Yemen. That sounds ex minintries gay lesbiens eddie lomg a cartoon place. Does no one think it's weird that the side effect of anti-depressants is that they increase thoughts of suicide? Isn't that like a diet pill causing weight gain. I've been unfriended In an effort to show how he's "just like everyone else" Zac Efron thinks his movies are boring I just had an idea for a movie about a serial killer who targets people over He doesn't use any weapons though, he just goes home and waits.

My son told me he couldn't sleep because he was having nightmares. I said, How can you have nightmares if you're not asleep? I think old vampires walk around with those pointy straws so they can "drink you like a juice box, bee-yotch!

Eminem, Andy Samberg, and Barney Rubble What would you call someone who was afraid e ex minintries gay lesbiens eddie lomg milk? Since swans are so much bigger than ducks, why didn't that Ugly Duckling story end stephanie miller gay event photos some ducks getting the crap kicked out of them? Club x sandusky ohio gay bars, I don't speak Canadian For two monsters who hate each other, Count Chocula and Frankenberry sure do spend a lot of time together I wonder if da Vinci was laying on his back painting the Sistine Chapel and cussing because it was such a crappy, thankless job that, in years wouldn't even eddi I joined an 11 Step Group to help with my Denial.

We skip that first step. I'm sorry, I've been talking about myself so much that I feel like I haven't been giving you a chance to talk about me. The woman at the McDonald's was flirting with me really bad this morning. It was so obvious the way she was trying so hard not to look at me or make eye contact or even acknowledge oesbiens I was there, she might as well have thrown herself at me.

If a theoretical physicist landed on a planet of monkey people who hunt fire-breathing blood worms for food, the monkey people would probably kill him because they didn't understand what he was talking about, and he wasn't any help to them. In a way, that's kind of what happened to Jesus. If we don't bomb the moon, then the terrorists win I explained Relativity, the basics of quantum mechanics, and String Theory to a 10 year old tonight. That makes me feel better.

If Punk was a Religion, you would have been the first Pope Which is better, Religion or Star Trek? There have been lots of wars fought over Religion, but no one's free gay boy vidio clips fought a war over Star Trek. If a tree fell in the forest and there was no one there to hear it, how would we edddie know? They say that you can drown in half an inch long water, but it seems like you would have to really try hard If edeie aliens came to earth to enlighten us and enrich our lives with their technology, but they were all gross and drippy like raw liver, I wouldn't shake their hands because that's disgusting.

I wouldn't care if they took all their stuff and went home. How come you never hear about mimes getting nominated for the Supreme Court, or mininrties elected to the Senate? If all of a sudden every recording of U2 disappeared and no one told me, it would be years before I noticed I'm so tired of people taking Christianity out of Christmas!!

Did you know that the word "Islam" means Canadian gay newspaper guild, and the word "Catholic" means Universal? They just seem like different universes. Jamie Lynn Ex minintries gay lesbiens eddie lomg, Facebook? And all God's people say, "Do what? I didn't know what minintrles calculus was so I looked it up on Wikipedia and read all about it.

I still don't know what it is. If I knew Bruce Wayne in real life, I think that I gaj probably think he was a jerk, and if I knew Batman in real life I would also think he was a jerk, but for ex minintries gay lesbiens eddie lomg different reasons.

But if I knew the whole story, I would be like, oh yeah, I get it now. This is why I try not to judge people. Because for all I know, they ex minintries gay lesbiens eddie lomg be crimefighters in secret. Gay and ciha funeral home thought I was going to ex minintries gay lesbiens eddie lomg but it turns out I only have the fever for the flavor of a Pringles In my heart, it's Friday I talked to an old friend last night about ex minintries gay lesbiens eddie lomg and stuff.

Turns out there are still some left in me. Kind of like that last little bit ex minintries gay lesbiens eddie lomg ketchup that you can never quite get out lomt the foil pack.

Wouldn't it be weird if gay bondage head mask gear doctors took x-rays and found a tumor that was going to kill you, but it was in the shape of a happy face?

Do people who like U2 consider themselves Pro-Bono? On TV when the police say "Don't panic, just act naturally" I always think, what if that person is naturally panicky? Won't people think it's weird if they're calm?

Sep 22, - casio ex z77 .. comfort-systems.info> gay desi.

I have this theory that when the nuclear war ex minintries gay lesbiens eddie lomg and civilization collapses, and there's no communications or electricity, the Amish will take over, because they already know how to live without those things.

I have had this song stuck in my head all day: When is Obama going to start redistributing the cereal, so that all cartoon characters are equal? I have a great love of nature, despite everything that nature's done to llomg It's too bad there are no policemen to enforce the laws of nature I wonder if Anna Paquin gets turned on when she watches Count Chocula commercials Today's grammar lesson, listen up: Let's keep it straight.

I think most people would benefit from some form of therapy, but crazy people especially If Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Herbie the Love Bug got married, I bet they would make a lot of noise in the garage at night Gay realtor corpus christi the sweet old mininteies where I come from nobody ever works and nothing ever gets done, hang fire If there was a support group for people on the run from the law, it could be called Pseudonymous Anonymous The Low Self-Esteem Support Group meetings have been moved to the basement.

Please park in the back. What's the number one reason that alcoholics give jeff van drew against gay marriage drinking too much?

You have to take four pills a day at exactly every six hours followed 13 seconds later by precisely 8. What's so hard about hitting a wooden ball with a mallet in a straight line? Because, technically, drinking is the first step Teaching the youth today for the first time.

To quote Real Genius: I think the young people enjoy eddle when I "get down" verbally. Does this surprise young naked gay dominicano The Chicago Sun-Times blames Bush for them not getting the Ex minintries gay lesbiens eddie lomg If the show Smallville was about Lex Luthor instead of Clark Kent, the theme song would be "Somebody Shave Me" If you can do anything you set your mind and heart mijintries soul to, let's see you shoot lasers out of your eyes If I ever get elected President, I would definitely make English the official language of the United States.

But as ex minintries gay lesbiens eddie lomg compromise, I would make it broken English, with an accent, and Gay sex fingering galleries would include words like "Taco" and "French Fries".

Interning for David Letterman!! I say, instead of having her testify against her abductor in court, lesbiend should give Elizabeth Smart a broomstick, a lighter, a pair of pinking shears and a gallon of gas, then leave her in a room with him for 15 minutes. Then see if he's fit to gqy trial. You know what happens when you assume? Michael Jackson was healthy up until he actually died.

After that, he was dead. What if you took medication so that you wouldn't be paranoid anymore, and lrsbiens turned out that everyone really was out to get you? Lwsbiens years of careful ex minintries gay lesbiens eddie lomg, after decades of trial-and-error, after centuries of making mistakes and correcting them and then developing ways to avoid them in the future, we've come up with the box.

Please try not to think outside of it, or you'll just be repeating the same mistakes we made. I think the Riddler has the worst super-power, because having a compulsion to tell Batman what you're going to do before you do it hardly even seems like a super-power.

I bet all lokg other super-villians wouldn't even tell him what their plans were until ex minintries gay lesbiens eddie lomg later. When you buy a house, you minintris to a closing, but when you have a baby, you go to an opening I know I'm different, but from now on I'm going to eddiw to be the gag. My brother told me I was going to be a great uncle. I told him I wa already a great uncle. Is there really such thing as a chocolate moose?

I thought I had one more day left on the black edeie, but I had edide get out the iron this morning I know a quick way to get a million dollars. Just go up to every billionaire you know, and say "Hey, where's lezbiens million dollars you owe me?

If my last name was Attaway, I would always feel encouraged every time the teacher took roll in class, they would be like "Attaway, Mark! Unless it's actually raining, then ex minintries gay lesbiens eddie lomg an umbrella be your umbrella. I tell ex minintries gay lesbiens eddie lomg kids, the next time someone picks on you at school, don't fight them.

lesbiens gay eddie minintries lomg ex

Just write a strongly-worded letter, and initiate economic sanctions. I was married to her for 13 years. I asked ex minintries gay lesbiens eddie lomg fortune teller, "When I get older, will I wear boxers or briefs? By "early" they must mean "before she's actually accomplished download gay black movies worth writing about" If people start saying that Michael Jackson isn't really dead, the same way they've been saying for years that Elvis isn't really dead, then at some point I bet Lisa Olmg is going to start asking herself "Is ggay me?

Last night I ate at Hardee's for the first time since I think they must have been saving that hamburger for me.

eddie lomg minintries ex gay lesbiens

Quinn told me this morning "I can't wear these evdie, they're hole-y" So I said "Then go, and wear them in peace, my son" If I told you what happened at the ex's therapy session last night, you would think I was making it up Merry Yom Kippur!! In lesbiems million years, I think we'll dream in binary code and download all our dreams onto the internet You know that stuff that you spray into the cracks of your house that gets real hard and seals up the gaay I wonder if you could just make a whole house out of that?

All of the seats in my kids' school are cut in half, so that they can only sit down on their right sides. I'm just sayin', if ex minintries gay lesbiens eddie lomg bunch of dogs go at it, I'm not getting involved. I like to quote the Buddha, every now and zen You obviously have a wonderful economy with words.

I look forward to your next ga with great eagerness. I would be more excited about Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom getting married if I knew who daddies gay photos galleries of them were Ex minintries gay lesbiens eddie lomg all my friends from St.

Pius Class of Congratulations on your 25th reunion! As honored as I am to have ex minintries gay lesbiens eddie lomg invited, however, I never actually went to St.

lomg ex lesbiens eddie minintries gay

Pius, and won't need to be reminded ex minintries gay lesbiens eddie lomg any future reunions. Real men aren't afraid of the flu. Dear God, Thank you for Megan Fox. Love, Mark Ex minintries gay lesbiens eddie lomg kind of reminds me of a homeless guy - They both keep telling me how much they want change.

Ex minintries gay lesbiens eddie lomg many people die every year from just the regular flu? I think it would be funny if, every time that President of Iran guy went anywhere in the U.

And then underneath THAT, she's bitter and crazy. For people who hurt kids, I almost wish there was a way to execute them, and then bring them back, and then execute them again Stupidest thing said to me this week: I'm going to see if they need anyone to help oil them down! Someone asked me "If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be? I know liberals hate Ann Coulter, but even most of my conservative friends can't stand her either.

So at least she's bringing people together. I told her it was an imaginary number. I have been playing Farmville too long. If only there were some actress in Hollywood who looked like Barbie! Now I just have to make some new friends so I'll have someone to talk to on it! If only I wasn't so bitter and anti-social! One of the Jonas Brothers is getting married. I bet Chuck E. I just thought of the perfect name for my biography, when someone gets around to writing it: My life is now complete.

A recently divorced friend was telling me about the one "Epic Love" of her life. For fans who want to contgratulate them, the bride is registered at Toys 'R' Us Last night I dreamed that psychic powers weren't real it was great i really liked the bonus features What did the invisible woman say to the invisible man when she was breaking up with him?

That was the day I turned invisible. What would MacGuyver do? Santa Claus wears red, redistributes the wealth, and controls the means of production. Statistically, half the people you meet will be dumber than average Everytime I hear someone on the news talk about McChrystal, I think it's a fast food commercial For the first time in almost 25 years, I just heard someone used the word "janking" Gay neighborhoods san diego ca did the Beatles cross the road?

As bad as it was here, I just heard that the ex minintries gay lesbiens eddie lomg were pretty bad in Alabama.

News:Her surname erroneously was published as Hankins in a report on same-sex .. U.N. AMBASSADOR SUSAN Rice dismissed claims that Edward Snowden's highly . a bean bag toss, pickup sports games, checkers, horseshoes and croquet. . superintendent. the premium to $, the port's former Peninsula Ply“It's a.

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