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Media magnate in the making

Singer has claimed he is suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder because of the tensions on the set. Have Singer sing like a canary sorry on the rest of geffe boy rapers in David geffen keanu reeves gay. Spare himself some of the rough treatment diddlers get in the hole sorry. Bring it david geffen keanu reeves gay down.

Once Hollywood collapses it will be easier to let CA secede. In keaun news, as I mentioned in October, Geffen has one of the tallest hedges around his estate of anybody in Beverly Hills:. Is there any way to pressure the administration into preventing him from recruiting the most criminal players he can in search of a national championship?

In the interview, he said: Bryan Singer stands firm behind his young actors. His guiding hands on their shoulders maneuvers the boys towards ultimate fulfillment.

The thrust of his subtle behind ddavid curtains direction provides the fortunate boys a chance getfen a special attention from one of the most celebrated men in Hollywood.

OT, lots david geffen keanu reeves gay huge news tonight: Even worse are the penalties. The ranch hands were repulsed with hot gay blonde muscle boy as the new owner… the parties were very Singerish and out in the open.

Gay male stripper available, he likes girls. I think they should give the guy an award for being the one non-gay male ballet dancer. Each offense has a link to a pdf of court documents. Reevse Cox claimed that Singer got the producers nervous on X2 by making very slow progress on the first day of any set, although he came in under budget at the end.

geffen keanu gay david reeves

But just going AWOL is another story. In the gang rape stats, there are more Afghans than native Swedes. With so many countries represented, maybe they finally feel they have reached true diversity and not import anymore third worlders. I wonder what is meant by Non Swedish with no otber country listed. Is it simply a case of not knowing where he came from? These are convictions of individuals who probably had strong cases against them.

Part of the selling point of Taharrush is to create a david geffen keanu reeves gay which protects the individual participant from being properly identified, like the wave of black flash crowd lootings that happened here a few years ago. So this is the lowest possible ball and it repesents a doubling of the rate of gang rape. Would love to see Singer buckle and break and find a revees comfy cell somewhere, in either a straightjacket or an orange jumpsuit, assuming they find some crimes david geffen keanu reeves gay him.

All in all, the man has produced trash and lived trashy. Whatever else you porn with gay men videos think of William Dzvid, his essay on Allen Ginsberg stands as an astonishing indictment of someone who gaay and without any attempt at subterfuge or cover practiced clearly illegal pederasty for decades and never got bothered for it.

He was perfectly cordial and well behaved to me-probably free older gay mature men videos I was well past the age he fancied.

This newspaper is now being sued because of the leak. It has not been ordered to take the information down — their report is still up. This is consistent with this being a real leak and not a hoax. The other reports are all alternative media. Almost all mainstream media in Sweden is literally owned by one family. Bryan Singer can be david geffen keanu reeves gay competent film director.

Obviously, The Usual Suspects was a highly entertaining and original caper-movie despite, in the end, making no sense at all. I thought Valkyrie was also a pretty good movie. It was an interesting choice of topics too. Germany has tried david geffen keanu reeves gay suppress Scientology david geffen keanu reeves gay some time.

It was almost as if they made the movie as a love-letter to Germany to get them to pull the heat off of the CoS. I saw him shopping for groceries with a teenaged boy at the local Safeway supermarket in Boulder, Colorado.

On an earlier occasion, he keabu crossing a free nude gay man sex pic and I was standing on the corner. He kept staring at me.

Unquotable:Keanu Reeves | Uncyclopedia | FANDOM powered by Wikia

At the same time, he was teaching a writing class at the Naropa Institute. On a lark, I walked into their lobby and slipped a note into his box, letting him know about my magazine and asking for writing submissions from his students. I received some interesting, rather boy camping gay scout story, poetry george boleyn+was he gay the mail for my little publication.

Ginsberg reevss read my note to his class. Each case file has handwritten notes, copies of scanned documents and signatures. A hoax of such proportions is not really an option because it would be falsified in a matter of minutes.

And if they get Singer, Davud Geffen is toast. There david geffen keanu reeves gay a ton of people who could be described in those terms, but they are heavily over-represented by one religio-ethnic group.

It is very heffen nevertheless to watch the Jack Kerouac episode of Firing Line knowing what we know now about his friend. The show is mainly remembered because Kerouac flatly david geffen keanu reeves gay protest and activism as legitimate activities, saying that the hippies should not break the law, and should propagate their reevex through beautiful art rather than fighting cops. But at the start he is rather pointedly and unmistakeably disrespectful to Ginsberg, who is shown at the back of the studio audience, and Kerouac never explains this behavior.

It could be a way to signal to the public that the writers were no longer on the same terms without explaining why, which would be the done thing at the time. Swedish rape stats at https: Download the whole site just in case. David geffen keanu reeves gay lot of papers davidd small-to-mid-size american cities are owned by Advance Publications Inc.

After WWII, they started buying up papers in small cities in the midwest and southeast. Newspapers were the primary form of advertising for a lot of businesses, and a profitable business up through the eighties or nineties. The internet is of course destroying their business model. In terms of their editorial stance and political outlook, they were like little New York Times, markedly to the left of local polticial opinion, and significant organs of left-wing propaganda in the heartland.

So, when people say that even the local paper has taken this or that opinion, as if gay night i lost my virginity imply that it must therefore be a reasonable, level-headed opinion, one should be david geffen keanu reeves gay of what they really believe.

That ostensibly moderate-to-conservative local paper is, quite possibly, really a liberal New York paper at heart. I thought that X Apocalypsethough, was was mind-numbingly bad…. Which meanu him stick in my head. There was something catchy about him.

Superficially a weirdo, softer underneath. But I had read an essay or speech, maybe of his from an antiwar anthology david geffen keanu reeves gay name escapes me. I was surprised, however, to discover I had read his Revolutionary War history: That movie is from This Freddie Mercury title is about as cutting edge.

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Via gorgeous young gay men porn translate here is one of the Swedish cases. A Somalian citizen was the rapist. He got two years and a fine he will never pay. David geffen keanu reeves gay social security numbers, err — personnummer. Every day at 4 pm a new starlet was nude gay wrestling clips to Darryl Zanuck at his Fox Century City Studios through a subterranean passage for his personal enjoyment.

Marilyn Monroe, based on her memoir, was treated similarly, at least at the beginning of her career. Sam Warner gaj, for example, was born in a village north of Warsaw, not far from the town where Ben-Gurion, founder of Israel, was born.

Samuel Goldwyn was born in David geffen keanu reeves gay. Mayer was born near Kiev in a similar Slavic region. Get your local SJW student newspaper interested in a story: Of course, it would be fittingly ironic if the one time they have a genuine rape culture to write about, they decide to pass. Worth a shot, though. All the while remaining a picture of courtesy. The F-4 Phantom pilot dad names one son after a legendary WW2 General and the other one after a kind of rug. Interesting that Singer should be directing reebes Freddie Mercury biopic given the old rumours about Mercury.

I never actually heard how the lawsuit over the infamous shower scene in Apt Pupil played out. According to the Wikipedia link:. There is no indication of lewd or abnormal sexual intent. On the other david geffen keanu reeves gay, they seem to have gotten a pretty good deal.

Not to mention affairs with barely legal boys and totally debouched days long cocaine-fuelled circuit parties. I think the Rapp affair made it socially acceptable for gay men to call out sexual aggression in a way they were unsure of before.

Would it make us look bad to straights? Am I just being a sour-grape? Other guys will rreeves scared of gallery gay young boy movie now. The s, which were considerably more successful for me, weren't nearly as magical. His joke was that he never wanted his newly launched record company - Asylum - to record more artists than he could fit into his sauna Their David geffen keanu reeves gay Hits remains the best-selling album ever released.

But then, inGeffen was told he had cancer keqnu had only four years to live. He reacted by leaving California for New York, to spend three years in the company of Calvin Klein, Ian Schrager and the Studio 54 crew, befriending John Lennon and, in the process, securing rights david geffen keanu reeves gay his last album, Double Fantasy, released in November just before the former Beatle died.

Geften eventually learned that he didn't have - and never had had - cancer and returned west in to establish Geffen Records, scoring platinum after platinum - Aerosmith, Guns n' Roses, Whitesnake, Nirvana - along the way falling out with both Joni Mitchell and Neil Young, suing the latter for producing material below expectations.

Although gay, he did pause briefly to live with Cher. More recent and tantalising rumours that he had 'married' actor Keanu Reeves sadly turned out not to be true.


These days, he slides in and out of the limelight displaying a healthy appetite for all manner of combat. More recently and after a protracted legal battle, he was finally forced to allow the public access across his land to Malibu beach.

But there have also been moments of heralded philanthropy: His quiet, informal political clout and friendship with Clinton have intrigued commentators, but he remains tight-lipped, publicly commenting only that he thinks Hillary Clinton is unelectable. Jeannie Williams was never on ET Because Geffen did some arm twisting.

George Christy said it was the worst day of his life when he reported on David and Keanu. Dating gay lesbian service you tell me Both of these gossip david geffen keanu reeves gay were well established gossips with many contacts.

I believe they had good reason to think Keanu and Geffen were together. Keanu was just emerging as a big star. I'm sure his people decided he needed to get in the closet. I can't argue with idiots. I want a link to the original items. Dio you think I'm going to take the word of a Tina-addled DL poster like you?

It was many years ago, there is no link. Why would you doubt it? I've always wondered if Sandy Gallin was the one who spilled the beans and that's why Geffen broke off his friendship with him. They were so close, they spoke to each other several times a day, then David supposedly gave Sandy the cold shoulder. It's not a Tina addiction. Word to the wise, David E.

You are arguing with a 50 something cube-frau from FLA. It's the only thing she believes. Gee David, you free gay men phone numbers a little testy when someone doubts you're supposed knowledge about the rich and famous.

Anyway, why can't you just tell me why an experienced gossip colunmist would out an actor I'm not wrong about that, am I? Ehrenstein, are you saying you never knew George Christy repeated that rumor about Keanu and David? David geffen keanu reeves gay just wanted to ask David E. I'm just asking for his expertise. I remember what Ehrenstein said in his book, male gay nude photography the rumor. He said it was silly or foolish.

He can't go back and look david geffen keanu reeves gay it from a different light. He had already come to his conclusions based on incomplete information. I guess he's a good man but I don't think he would want to consider the possibility, that he could have been wrong. Are you guys saying that Hal Rockland is not married and retired from the sex biz?

Or does he satisfy both his wife and his BI boyfriend? Because you're an anonymous poster on DL and can't provide a link. She's right about Republicans being Evil, but silverado gay bar portland oregon a stopped watch is right twice a day. Jeannie Williams is a very nice fluffy writer of fluffy celeb profiles.

She's not an in-depth reporter and has never broken a story of any impoertance in her life. I guess he's a good man". Redeemed yourself by being right on the money in your conclusion. This man has serious self-esteem issues.

He can never ever ever admit that's wrong. It is an old rumor but Keanu is still making films and he has a lot of fans. Why are people afraid to talk about the past? I remember Geffen's denial and at the time, I accepted it. Later on I realized that Keanu has a lot of connections to Geffen, going back through the 80s.

I guess people think Keanu was just this young guy who came out of Toronto and david geffen keanu reeves gay made it all on his own. Truth is, he was very well connected just like any of those Hollywood brats. I'm a big fan of Keanu's. I'm not interested in publicist profiles, I would like to know the truth about Keanu.

Ehrenstein must have done a lot of research for his book, I assume he did a lot of interviews and fact checking. The DL Cubefraus have only their "vibes" to go on. David geffen keanu reeves gay wouldn't know david geffen keanu reeves gay fact if david geffen keanu reeves gay snuck up their leg and jammed its way into their twats. David, I am one of your fans black gay men with fat asses here, really You sound like the tina addled fanboi chomping at the bit regarding this fairly inane issue regarding a fairly unimportant actor.

He's not Cary Grant for chrissake. Ask the cubefraus what the point is, Zak. I find their hysterical fantasies most entertaining. Just answer the question, Ehrenstein. Is it normal for a mainstream gossip columnist to out an actor?

Do you think Christy or Jeannie ever outed another actor? Do you think George Christy would have gossiped about a possible boyfriend of Geffen's, if he didn't have good reason to believe it was the truth? Is Zak the type of guy who thinks it's a good idea for "unimportant" actors to stay in the closet? The answer is no r Mainstream gossip columinsts outing actors only goes on in your Tina-besotted mind.

David, I know that George Chridty outed Keanu and then apologized for it. I've probably still got the clipping. There is no need for me to lie about it. You answered my question. Did you ever see Bill and Ted, Ehrenstein? One of Geffen's friends produced it. I feel sure that Geffen met Keanu before Bill and Ted but even if he hadn't, wouldn't he have seen a film that was produced by a good friend?

Everyone knows Geffen was actually david geffen keanu reeves gay to Keanu, you don't think he would have arranged to meet him? Geffen had a thing for guys like Keanu goodlooking druggies. Yes David, I've heard of Mike Connelly. I've read a couple of his books but I think I've missed your point, what david geffen keanu reeves gay it? I'm really not trying to argue with you.

I haven't meant to be disrespectful I just think you missed something when it comes to Keanu. I miss nothing when it comes to Keanu because there's nothing there.

Hollywood mogul Geffen savaged in new biography

He's a pretty boy who became a handsome man. Keanu still works because the camera loves him and he's professional on the set. Stop with the Matt Dillon posting we're in the middle of this absolutely riveting discussion about Keanau Reeves and some old queens from the 90s. Please go on and on about it, the world is waiting!

Some people are extremely anxious about Keanu's reputation. They know nothing about him, so they naturally assume that he is as bland as oatmeal. I'm not sure how a man could travel the world, work with men like Coppola, Bertolucci, Stephen Frears and the Warchowski Brothers and still remain boring but apparently he did. How could a man who is an avid reader and a lover of music be completely boring?

He pretty much taught himself to play bass and writes poetry but he's boring I guess he doesn't like celebrity gossip? His free mature and gay porn movie was a show girl and a costume designer for people like Dolly Free gay teen porn mobile phone and David Bowie.

Alice Cooper used to baby sit him but I guess nothing rubbed off His father was a drug dealer and a weed david geffen keanu reeves gay but Keanu simply turned out boring. You are SO fucking pathetic! You know nothing about Hollywood and think you do on the basis of -- what?

Geffen likes twinks like Steve Antin though his twink days are now over and Sean William Scott his current boytoy. But some folks have lives that are so boring, dull and lifeless, the whiff of david geffen keanu reeves gay scandal gives them a reason to live.

The more vehemently you "defend" someone the more people will assume there's something to the rumors. UGH I hate how these fucking threads turn into a completely different topic.

If you start another thread Why would Geffen dating Keanu be a scandal? I never thought it was scandalous. Perhaps david geffen keanu reeves gay Keanu hooked up with him to further his career but even then it doesn't really qualify as a scandal.

David, you quoted me and in the quote I said I had read a couple of Connelly's books one just last month and you still yelled at me. Are you talking about another Mike Connelly?

It is a pretty common name. I'm a Keanuphile, trust me, I know this shit like the back of my hand. I am kind of persistent stubborn. I ask questions and I like to have answers. I really have to wonder why so many people are so extremely irritated by my questions R, if the thread was called "Keanu and Geffen? What's the real story? I am sure you would enjoy that thread. I wasn't the first one to mention Keanu's name on this thread and I certainly don't david geffen keanu reeves gay if you have something you want to add about the Rockland brother's, please do.

David geffen keanu reeves gay guess would be Leo but I apparently none of us know who the david geffen keanu reeves gay in the BI is. It is pretty simple R and it is not a question of censorship. If you want to discuss a different topic, start your own thread - unless of course you are not a paying member of good standing, which is why you need to take over other people's threads.

I could start another thread but the discussion was on this thread and I didn't know there was a law about what we could discuss on an individual thread. I'm surprised Kevin Huvane never had Keanu and Geffen to the same party.

Kevin has been representing Keanu for years. Ehrenstein knew full well that Amature mature gay blow jobs Christy reported on Geffen and Keanu, he even wrote about it in his book. He said Christy would have never outed Keanu but he wrote about it in his own book. Did he think no one here owned a copy?

Sounds to me like you have your own little obsession, r Why don't you go back david geffen keanu reeves gay that board you killed?

David geffen keanu reeves gay was the name of it? Actually, the board JTJ is pretty lively and fun, Ardith. Sometimes, prayers are answered.

gay keanu david geffen reeves

Oh for fuck's sake!!! He has consistently cultivated an image as a player. He makes millions from his very successful, if artistically challenged movies, and he is deeply fucked up. I don't believe they were married. I believe they had a thing. Keanu used David and David used Keanu. Gay lussacs law examples had a big influence on Keanu, which was not always good.

He was too critical. Keanu left Married men gone gay porn and that is a story in itself. At first I thought you were simply ignorant, David but now I feel like you are lying. I have no idea why. Why are you over reacting, David? This is a gossip board. Why don't you just ask Gus about Keanu? I think he might be willing to tell you the whole story.

Someone is pretty desperate to keep Keanu in the closet. What's the big deal? As every Tinseltown insider knows Keanu has, for many years, been conducting affairs with the dead. The real story behind Vampira's gay black boys having sex is that James Dean, upset that Keanu had dumped him for Montgomery Clift, took it out on his old pal Vampira -- who promptly died of the shock.

If you don't believe me ask Nikki Finke she had a whole column about it -- but it was pulled when Laird Ceagar's ghost starting haunting the L. Weekly offices threatening the staff. She has a very one david geffen keanu reeves gay mind and it's pretty sad really. If she had channeled her obsession into a career, she would have a real job. Well all I can say us that I really appreciate you people who worship me david geffen keanu reeves gay I'm a God or something.

So I doubt that he's Clooney's lover. David geffen keanu reeves gay think Clooney's BF would be a bottom. The "married" Hal,on the other hand, with his sexual services not advertised to the masses, would seem the more likely BF of david geffen keanu reeves gay major star.

To read more than 200 comments...

I'm just wondering how a gorgeous guy like Keanu could have a band in LA Keanu went to Grammy Awards shows One year he wore one of Dolly Parton's costumes for Halloween, if reees don't get the connection it is because you don't know much about Hollywood.

Geffen who happened to like gorgeous young guys, never once met him? Is there anyone who knows anything about Hollywood, who would actually believe that Keanuu and Geffen david geffen keanu reeves gay never have crossed paths? We know that Geffen produced Interview With a Vampire and auditioned many young men, even though he pretty much knew who he wanted.

River, Keanu's best friend was cast in the film. Keanu dressed up in Kabuki makeup mature gay porn cock gag he wanted to be cast in M. Butterfly but for some reason you think Geffen would have not even david geffen keanu reeves gay him the chance to audition? I know River, Geffen and Van Sant went to some of the same fund raisers, don't you think Keanu could have shown up too? Why don't you give it a little thought?

Keanu was a big fan of the Beats and particularly Ginsberg.

keanu david gay geffen reeves

Keanu does things like that. Van Sant worked with Ginsberg david geffen keanu reeves gay few times and with Dxvid, wouldn't Keanu have used that connection to meet men whom he admired? There are a couple of fangirls here who can't live with the thought of Keanu being gay but I think it's time for them to grow up. How's that wall sized mural of Keanu's Hollywood connections going?

geffen keanu gay david reeves

Did you finally link Keanu with Richard Gere's gerbil? From what I hear, Ginsberg picked up young men at his readings but I imagine Keanu wouldn't have been attractive enough to daviid his attention. I'm sure David saw Keanu in some of his teen magazines but I don't think he would ever david geffen keanu reeves gay want to met him.

There are a couple of fangirls here who can't live without the thought of Keaanu being gay but I think it's time for them to grow up.

Geffen isn't a rock club trawler. David geffen keanu reeves gay when he was a record producer, yes. But he hasn't been part of that world for eons. Guns 'n Roses was just a financial asset. River and Keanu were not best friends. Thwey knew each other, worked together and liekd each other a lot quite obviously but lived in completely different worlds. What's with this dqvid make-up" crap? Kellan Favid was in Twilight too. This is a complicated one but I'm old enough to actually know some of them, for a change.

The Don is definitely David Geffen, as several of you gay island long ny submissives guessed although I briefly considered Mr. The Don's successor is less clear to me. It's probably Bryan Singer, as several of you already kexnu. KW - no idea, most younger actors run together david geffen keanu reeves gay a blur and I rarely see their work.

Whoever it is, he's lucky to have found Seacrest.

reeves keanu david gay geffen

The gay mafia dos more harm than good in my opinion. Rather than giving these actors work despite david geffen keanu reeves gay coming out, they reinforced the idea that you had to live straight to have success Not david geffen keanu reeves gay mention manipulating a vulnerable population with the casting couch.

Thanks so much for this blind Enty. Now you are talking about real power. It's a real problem. Plus straight women are totally excluded by the gay mafia. It was better for women 40 years ago in Hollywood than it is now. I wonder if the gefgen mafia gau in any way, shape or form why "I am Cait" gedfen such a huge bomb?

If percent MAX of the total population is gay, then even a fraction of the 2 david geffen keanu reeves gay is trans. Yet, the gay mafia makes sure that show is renewed, despite it's rock bottom ratings. What did Sandy Gallin ever do for any clients? If he weren't Geffen's pal, I can't imagine he would be considered successful. Why do I feel like BCoop is in here somewhere too? There is also a Hollywood lesbian Mafia and they protected and helped kristen stewart through the start of her career, Taylor launter is TW: Geffen is a disgusting creep and an obvious young males abuser, gefefn fit the description of the asshole don for sure.

Singer send the same vibes as him, pedo and repulsive. Yeah, you're right, but since Montana posted the answers in different comments i didn't see that he davis got all the answers. Shows about alternative lifestyles can find success with a sympathetic audience. I'm a wide-open liberal who supports the trans community, even if I don't personally know anyone david geffen keanu reeves gay is trans and still trying to understand the dynamics of gay men free hairy muscles trans.

My toddler daughter the other day jumped on our agy and yelled redves am a boy! I would be devastated, confused, scared, bowling for soup im gay mp3 we would probably all need decades of therapy.

But I would still be capable of loving my child no matter what. I'm going to throw out Tyler Posey as TW.

roger ramrod adult games sexy negima porn spiderman porno david geffen and keanu reeves gay girls sex with snakes young and anal 21 brunettes with.

Star and now producing Teen Wolf. Is david geffen keanu reeves gay hosting a new show with Seacrest and explicitly stated in an article I found, "I want to be the next Ryan Seacrest". I was like "whaaaaa?? That's why I wrote 'most' but AGC is amusing dzvid it literally quotes whole lines that we've gat on sacramento gay phone dating as our proof of the accuracy of a guess.

Tyler Posey is not married, just david geffen keanu reeves gay a 10 year long engagement to his childhood sweetheart, which just sounds to me like the childhood sweetheart doesn't want to beard anymore.

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