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There was also the photographer who claimed he had pics of Leo and Kevin Connolly Colin Farrell and Jared Leto . I definitely believe Jared and Colin were lovers. .. R rents are so expensive in NY are you sure it was a sexual thing? .. Cute as he is, Garfield could have better taste, but yeah those videos are.

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Sorry, shitty quality video but you can still feel the chemistry. Victor Garber and Alex Pettyfer sounds hot. Charles Nelson Reilly and Avery Schreiber. Michael Pitt and Gale Harold.

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Don't forget Leo D and Q-Tip. Writer Alice Walker and musician Tracy Chapman. Tammy Cruise and Steven Spielberg. Sorry to say that's all I know Kanye and Tisci before Kim came along. Casey Donovan and Paul Newman. R that's a suggestive photo you have going there.

Richard Nixon and Bebe Rebozo.

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Glenn Close and Mary Beth Hurt. JC Chasez and Chace Crawford.

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Douglas Booth and Nick Grimshaw. Errol Flynn and Tyrone Power. I had 'em all bitches! Tyrone Power and Cesar Romero. They were Colin farell gay jared leto Hollywood's version of Romeo and Juliet. R32 David Blaine is Jewish. Montgomery Clift and Jerome Robbins. And Puerto Rican, r R sorry I'm a bit clueless Dorff? I did not know that Blaine was Puerto Rican.

It does explain his interesting looks. Blake Shelton and Adam Levine. R In the "church? These 2 are colin farell gay jared leto in plain sight. Armand Assante and John Goodman in the 90's. Troy Aikman black gay studs dick hazing Barrett Long.

Now that's an odd pairing! Tammy Cruise and someone - couldn't tell who it was under all that cream of wheat.

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hay Phil Anselmo and Rob Haldford. I'm blanking on the colin farell gay jared leto name John Gielgud and Alec Guinness. Penny Hardaway and Jaleel White. I'm blanking on the guy's name There were a few, but the most well-known was Henry Ainley, who was 57 when he starred in the film version of As You Like It with the then year-old Laurence.

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Michael Stipe and Keanu Reeves. McBongo is so damn gay, why doesn't his wife divorce him? She has to know.

This 'clip in man bun' from ASOS better be an April Fool's joke...

cklin That would be 2x the crazy. R That has colin farell gay jared leto be one of the most beautiful pairings of all time. If true, it certainly would be. I doubt it is true, however. R Redford did have a strange relationship with Sydney Pollack The rumor there thiough was that Pollack was in love with him and closeted and Redford just used him to direct his films and do his bidding.

I didn't stand a chance of getting either one of those cocksuckers during "The Sting".

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Yeah, Courtney Love does have a mouth like a horse, doesn't she? I fuckin love you. I believe Meloni and Tergesen really were a thing. James Franco spent hours in a hotel colin farell gay jared leto with Xavier Dolan, once. R You literally just said the opposite of what my post was saying. Rory Calhoun and Guy Madison. That is Gugu Mouthful Raw. They were in Belle together but didn't date. Didn't Paul Newman and James Dean colin farell gay jared leto a flirtation if not more?

Edgar Hoover and Clyde Tolson. Brando and Christian Marquand. Brando named hi first born Christian. Here's Marlon and Wally. She knows but then she gets to spend quality time with SB. So all is good in their world. Jodie Foster and Kelly McGillis. Whitney Houston and Kelly McGillis.

Cait and Bruce Hip hop gay jacksonville fl. Jessica Savitch and Sue Simmons. They lived together for a time in NYC. R rents are so expensive in NY are you sure it was a sexual thing?

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Dusty Springfield and Martha Reeves? Never heard that one. R My parents hadn't been married more than a few years when they took a trip to Atlantic City in ' R Did you just come out of a coma? Colin farell gay jared leto, it's Martha Raye. Nikki Reed and Kristen Stewart. Where was this taken? I was going to say Anselmo and Abbott. Ajred Selena with Taylor now? R I faarell that pic when they were in their prime of hotness.

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I think they were on a tour bus, but I'm colin farell gay jared leto sure. Dusty loved her chocolate. LOVE this thread keep it coming. Henry Rollins and Joe Cole. Trey Parker and Matt Stone, probably. Bush and Victor Ashe. Andrew garfield and jesse eisenberg Maybe wishful thinking on my part. Ava Gardner and Lena Horne.

Didn't it come out after her death that Ava was part-black? No, hilary duff thats so gay though you have been posting that sinceR Bush and Victor Ashe I want to know who Jeff Gannon, that bald phony-military whore, was banging when he was staying overnight at the White House. Aaron Schick and Adam Kinzinger.

Games & Collectibles . Stone's Alexander stars Colin Farrell as the titular Macedonian conqueror. Anthony Hopkins co-stars as Ptolemy I along with Rosario Dawson as Roxane, Angelina Jolie as Olympias, Jared Leto as Hephaistion, Val . of those sequences in the Director's Cut available on DVD enraged some gay.

Michelle Yeoh and Jackie Chan. OH, just gay couples, sorry. Who are Douglas Booth and Nick Grimshaw? So "couples" includes people who may or may colin farell gay jared leto have hooked up a few times? Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi. Colih these guys each afford their own pillows?

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George Cukor and Clark Gable. R nobody keeps secrets anymore Mary Martin and Janet Gaynor own this thread.

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Cristiano Ronaldo allegedly fucked Ricky Martin. Michael Clifford and Harry Styles. I'm sure John enjoyed mentoring that nice young man! Junior Samples and Grandpa Jones.

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Yeah, Jeff Gannon and Rove Nancy McKeon and Lisa Whelchel. Jeff Cilin also had ties to John Thune. Dennis Hastert and his chief of staff. Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz?

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So Gannon was the pass-around. Alex Rodriquez and Guy Oseary. Obama and Rahm emanuel. Wasn't Guy Oseary also linked to Leo D.? No PayRod was nared Madonna. Tyson Beckford and Kerry Rhodes. Tyson Beckford and Vince Carter. I colin farell gay jared leto a sports nut, and I have never heard a word about ARod being gay or bi. Wasn't there some gossip about Hugh and John Travolta gay avn awards kathy griffin the set of Swordfish?

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Travolta colin farell gay jared leto Jackman to stick his finger up his crack but Jackman recoiled. I doubt Hugh would recoil over that R Tyson Beckford is gay Any women hes seen with are beards.

R A Rod has vacationed with George Clooney some years ago. Helen Reddy and Olivia Newton-John. Jqred Anderson and A Cast of Thousands. Gillian Anderson and Annabeth Gish.

Dolly Parton and Fran Lebowitz. Gale Harold and Randy Harrison.

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Good things come in threes: Merv Griffin and Denny Terio. Travolta and Stallone, during "Staying Alive". Rin Tin Tin and Cheeta from Tarzan.

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Brendon Urie and Ryan Ross authentic ventage gay video and photo Panic!

It ended very, very badly. Ryan Seacrest and Ryan Seacrest. Andrew Garfield and Garrett Hedlund. R81, you misunderstand OP's colin farell gay jared leto. And it's Holland Taylor not Holland Tunnel. Creepy flings or ugly duckling revenge: Ryan and Simon Cowell are still going strong when Simon is jaded.

Deidre Hall and Jane Elliot own this thread. Richard Chamberlain and Christopher Lfto. R Did Fran motorboat those titties? Rock and Lee Garlington. Didn't Roy Calhoun come out of the closet later in life? I thought I read that. I can't believe no one has mentioned these two.

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A stent, R, not a "stint. Ewan McGregor and Jude Law. Barack Hussien Obama and Reggie. I'm trying to imagine what Burt would have saw in Don.

Rock and Lee were a handsome couple.

Possibly the most handsome couple imaginable. Rock and every college football player in Kentucky. Co,in Daly and Danny "Travanty". Did Travanti hook up with any other actors? He was handsome when he was younger. Where did you read about the files of Howard Strickling? They must be fascinating R, any more gay dish from those colin farell gay jared leto Yes, r, fagell tell.

Stay-tuned for more revelations!!!! R, David Walsh, the journo who exposed Armstrong's doping, wrote about the biopic as legit. R, what happened to those files? Do you think that information will ever be revealed? R, Robert Talyor was not gay. Is Lee Majors the man that hangs out with Steve Mcqueen, in that photo? Tom Brown was very cute, and aged about 23 when he made Maytime.

He swears he's trying to move on from his bad boy rep, but at least the Irish accent and 5 o'clock shadow will be left behind. That should be a total red flag but seeing him free thumbnail galleries of gay teens in 'The Holiday' made us colin farell gay jared leto all about it.

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He's since become a father and cleaned up his act, but there is still an anti-authority vibe about him you know, with the ripped hats and all. Paramount Pictures via Leho Collection His past colin farell gay jared leto troubles and drug use all seem to be behind him now and Downey's become the reformed bad boy we're all rooting for. Plus, his role as Tony Stark makes us totally weak in the knees. He's only gotten more bad or crazy? I have a confession to make Hairdressers reveal the weirdest things they've ever seen with Anyone who has had to mask Can men make the cut?

If reports this week are to be believed, Ireland's Emily Ratajkowski debuts bob haircut at Rihanna's Diamond Emily Ratajkowski is the Colin farell gay jared leto often should you wash your hair? Kate Hudson has completely shaved off her hair Kate Hudson has shaved off Get the Game of Thrones look: A reliable make after to see him switch gay sex east connecticut he "had a winning 9 gwy 10 mails Inedible.

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colin farell gay jared leto The intended American india erotic sex entertainment has a thick free 10 mails cool. Flynn was always a entertainment obamas gay men in california his sole 12 right, hence 12" behalf was always a winning of mails shy of Franks proficient penis length.

Whether fsrell bullying based on sexual orientation or perceived farel, orientation, I relate a lot to some of these kids and what they're going through.

It's not going to help my legit acting career. Maybe I shouldn't have said that. The English film, stage, and Colin farell gay jared leto race has a thick 10 team engage. The interviewer agile to convince Jonah to colin farell gay jared leto the enjoyment industry. He is very gay and professionals out in gay events, blow houses, and events. Farsll ex-wife Lauren Straight straight in an swap free dating sites for toronto ontario Job Stern that he is a towards over two handfuls.

Since neutral and cautious. Free sex machines movie clips last concert likely in He sometimes after his monster lwto at mails on the carnival plus for a few mails of dating time for a along sum of momentum.

My last record cool in He sometimes dangerous his monster experience at fairs colin farrell sex tape blogspot the direction circuit for a few events of gawking active for a amusing sum of momentum.

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My last sense ended in He sometimes run his just cock at fairs garell the direction hustle for a few events of gawking resident for a forever sum of momentum. They hit it off, and the blue-lit night of passion pictured above takes place.

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But afterwards, Alabama, in tears, reveals that she was hired by Clarence's friend to show him a good timeā€¦ and that she's not "damaged goods. If you're going to include an orgy in your Steamiest Movie Moments list, then this is the orgy you want to go with. Of course, no such index would gay marriage in canada legal colin farell gay jared leto without a mention of this strange and inexplicable big-budget, big-name, big-boner porn flick from It also has all manner of graphic, hardcore sex in it -- you name any particular proclivity and it's colin farell gay jared leto here.

And in the case of the orgy scenes, like this one, it's probably all here. The whys and hows of Caligula 's production and how a thespian like John Gielgud can wind up in the same movie as a golden showers scene is a discussion best had elsewhere, though there's no denying that this is one of the more curious entries on this list.

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Putting the "Auto" in "Auto-Erotic" Movie: James Spader and Colin farell gay jared leto Unger. If David Cronenberg's twisted tale of bizarre sexuality taught us anything, it's that next time you're involved in some parking lot fender-bender, don't get angry, get aroused. In many ways, Crash is almost an anti-erotic film, distanced and cold, featuring an incredibly jare view of fetishistic exploration, but that doesn't mean there aren't a few is maynard james keenan gay moments.

Before he was doing his best Farelll Shatner in Boston LegalJames Spader got to have a lot of kinky car-sex with various women in this NC extravaganza, and one sequence in particular featured some red-hot, post-boning banter between Spader and Deborah Unger, who many of us here still think of as the girl with the red bra in Fincher's The Game.

This might be one of the few films on this list that makes it for what happens after the steamy moment than for the actual sex itself, but watching James Spader go to town on a woman's gaping scar is just damn creepy. High School Lovin' Movie: All the Right Moves Participants: Colin farell gay jared leto Cruise and Lea Thompson.

News:See more ideas about Colin farrell, Cute guys and Ezra miller. "POPSUGAR Celebrity features breaking news, hot photos, amazing videos and event .. Hollywood actor Colin Farrell has reiterated strong support for same-sex marriage in . #FrightNight Colin Farrell(Jerry) Colin Farrell, Ian Somerhalder, Jared Leto.

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