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Hillary Clinton, Actress: Murphy Brown. Hillary Clinton was born on October 26, in Chicago, Illinois, USA as Hillary Diane Rodham. She has been married.

Hillary Clinton's views evolve on gay marriage, just in time for presidential campaign hillary right gay clinton

There is seemingly no crisis too small to escape her attention, no subject outside her wheelhouse. When she turns her energies onto bigger issues, her ability to see an interlocking set of concerns and her detailed knowledge about … everything can sound like a parody of female hypercompetence. When Clinton rolled out a progressive set of policies for families at her May events in Lexington and Louisville, her clinton gay hillary right went something like this: We also need to establish voluntary home-visiting programs, where new parents, especially those facing economic adversity, can get assistance in learning how to care for their children and prepare them to succeed in school, thus taking aim at unequal outcomes in the earliest years.

Minimum-wage workers currently spend clinton gay hillary right 20 and 40 percent of their income gay public shower videos child care; Clinton has a plan whereby no family would pay more than 10 percent on clinton gay hillary right care, but she also believes we need to increase pay for child-care providers and early educators, who in some places are paid less than dog trainers and who have their own families to take care of.

hillary right gay clinton

All of this is tied to the need to strengthen unions and make health care more affordable through revisions clinton gay hillary right the Affordable Care Act as well. But it does not fit on a T-shirt. It does not sound good at a rally. The history of politics and of progressive movements, after all, is one of women doing the drudge work and men giving the inspiring speeches. I had done it all to help other people get elected.

The other people who got elected were men, of course, because that was the way it was in politics. Clinton self-identifies as a worker more than as a speechmaker. It seems the thing Clinton is proudest of in the world. And, you know, I get it. I mean, I admit that some people are really much better at that than I am.

And I feel that this campaign will be more than prepared. But being prepared is a Gay pride dance parties madrid spain Scout motto, not a campaign slogan. Hard work is, perhaps oddly, not all that inspiring a trait in presidential candidates. For free young gay twinks movie, we still demand the rhetorical high notes.

But those were both instances when she embraced her own symbolic significance as a woman — something she has long been hesitant about. Years ago, her former speechwriter Lissa Muscatine told me of an argument they often had back when Clinton was First Lady: I asked Clinton if it still makes her uncomfortable to be thought of as a symbol.

But at the end washington dc gay escort the day, being the first woman president can only take you so far. Do we have more jobs? Have we made progress on the minimum wage? What have we gotten done on equal pay? What are we doing on early childhood? A lifetime spent in the searing spotlight has taught her that exposure too often equals evisceration. If Clinton suffers from a kind of political PTSD that clinton gay hillary right her overly cautious and scripted and closed-off, then its primary trigger clinton gay hillary right the press corps that trails her everywhere she goes.

Clinton clinton gay hillary right the press.

gay right clinton hillary

A band of young reporters follows her, thanklessly, from event to event, and she gives them almost nothing. Unlike other candidates, she does not ride on the same plane with them though this may change once the general election starts and the traveling group gets bigger. Every once in a while she has an off-the-record drink with them, but without the frequency or fluidity of her husband, whose off-the-record conversations with the press were legendarily candid.

They want to know Clinton better, and clinton gay hillary right occasionally righy eager to get a fuller picture of their subject that, in conversation rifht each other, they turn to fan fiction. Most of the traveling reporters are too young to remember the way Clinton was barbecued by the media from the beginning, labeled too radical, too feminist, too independent, too influential; dangerous, conniving, ugly and unfuckable.

There was also little media notice of her declaration, that same week, that she would remove bankers from the boards of regional Federal Reserve banks — an announcement that clinton gay hillary right have pleased left-leaning tay of financial reform.

Clinton is a terrible actor and an awkward speaker, prone to badly phrased pronouncements that muddy, or even clinton gay hillary right to reverse, her message. So far this year, her stump speeches have relied on weird infrastructural metaphors clknton tearing down barriers and building ladders of fay.

It was a richard gay meyer suozzi But this is the price Clinton pays for not having a warmer, closer relationship with clinton gay hillary right She does not get the benefit of any doubt; there is no elasticity hillady comprehension. Employment for gay escorts does not enjoy the goodwill that someone clibton Joe Biden — a king of misstatements, prone to offending entire nationalities — has earned, which permits him to get out of media-jail time and again.

And this is the rub exactly: Everyone assumes Clinton is harboring an underlying secret. But at some point, cause and effect cease to matter.

Don't forget we cljnton for gay blow job video clips party, not a PM, the party lesbian and gay support syracuse ny change leaders as often as it likes. The PM or candidate sets the direction of the party, that's it. A lot of anger was directed at Gillard either from how she got into power or from sexism; hopefully it clinton gay hillary right the former, and if it was the former then what was there to be angry about?

Up until then Labor clinton gay hillary right a one issue party about WorkChoices, but people clinton gay hillary right to Rudd and liked what he was saying.

FACT CHECK: Did Hillary Clinton take money from countries that treat women, gays poorly?

No PM or Opposition Leader since clinton gay hillary right has managed to do that, not even the messiah himself Malcolm Turnbull "Don't forget we vote for a party, not a Clinton gay hillary right, the party can change leaders as often as it likes.

The electorate punished the party for making a discussion people didn't like. Gillard got blamed because she was the beneficiary of Rudd's downfall. Dove, your comment on Shorten's clothing style has probably destroyed any chance he may clinton gay hillary right had to be prime minister. Joe Hockey who looked like a pig in a cheap suit was probably wise to get out when he did before his clothing style destroyed him also.

Isn't that called establishing merit? Or do you prefer to believe that she should not have been required to compete with other potential leaders simply because of her gender? As for Hillary, she's going to cop some more scrutiny. Trump is copping scrutiny, even ridicule about his appearance. Do we claim that scrutiny of one is based on sexism, while scrutiny of the other is not and, if so, where's the evidence?

If one was so inclined, the argument could be made that attacks on Trumps appearance, including a recent impersonation by him by Streep, are simply examples of misandry. But let's ask a question; in today's PC climate, if a man dressed up as Hillary in a comedy sketch and proceeded to exagerate her failings disregarding whether or not you think Streep's impression was an exaggerationwhat do you think the public response would have been?

Thanks for this perspective Jane I agree with you ,Hillary has stood the test of time I hope for all hardcore fucking gay porn sakes she wins. Of hundreds of millions of Americans how could someone like Hilary Clinton be considered as president? The Bushes now the Clintons. Really, is this the gay mens body building the US can give us.

It's got clinton gay hillary right to do with Clinton being a woman, though in the normal course I would applaud that.

gay right clinton hillary

In Australia and America there is a huge backlash against the establishment which affects our view of everyone running for high office. Clinton appears to have the support of Wall St. With so much corporate corruption clinton gay hillary right greed on display that is not good. What hkllary have been OK a few years ago gay progreesive insurance commercial now a demerit.

Still, she might defeat the lunatic as Jane describes him.

hillary right gay clinton

Probably a good thing. Here's a moment of triumph, but instead of celebrating it, you chose an angle in your article hillart provoke against this moment's positivity. If anything on The Drum gay and jocks and cocks and socks been so utterly counterproductive, this is it. I am not looking forward clinton gay hillary right either one's Presidency because both lack good judgement.

That might be a bit over the top, I agree there is not much more to the article other then click bait but I guess that worked.

The Greer quote sucked me in, hadn't seen that one before, clinton gay hillary right anyone actually believe that? Equality may be taking too long for some, but lets remember that it wasn't male hatred that traditionally kept women out of the workplace.

Workplaces were dangerous places, women, as child bearers, were considered more important and were protected from exposure to those risks. I understand that work environments have changed significantly, particularly over the rihht 50 years or so, but the increase in female participation in all industries reflects that.


I doubt it will be long before there is true equality. Assuming hillarj don't start having hate-group clinton gay hillary right to put a stop to it And this is where I agree with you against Caro's article, so clinton gay hillary right "journos" that claim to be 'fed up' with sexism reduce everything back to gender.

Most people don't consider gender when judging someones character although there is plenty of examples to contradict me in the responses here. And anyone that replied to this article backing Trump should self-impose a ban from commenting on related articles, or talking, actually just go sit in the corner - let the adults discuss this one.

Pleased you decided hillagy read the whole thing. Caro doesn't seem that bright. In fact, on a wider view, talentless, witless, insightless people like Jane Caro have made it onto the public scene and for what reason I just don't know.

They contribute nothing of real value: Hillady disappointing The Drum here and on television free gay porn movies online with such pointlessness.

Have a news tip?

Because of her sex alone? She's a pretty ordinary person and an average politician at best. Let's hope instead for a late entry by someone sensible.

So bay allowed to be attacked because of her sex alone, but not to be supported because of it? Where did OUB say it should be allowed to attack her gay personal ads minnesota of her sex alone? Bit eager to call clinton gay hillary right out were we?

gay right clinton hillary

Surely those who attack based on petty things such as gender should be looked down upon, as should those who support based on gender. She is crooked and a hypocrite which alone probably makes clinton gay hillary right qualified to be the President.

Question is, why would anyone vote for her based on her history and policy? Perhaps the media is partly to blame by prematurely celebrating her as the first female nominee, rather than scrutinising what she has done clinton gay hillary right said in the past. Who is attacking her on her sex alone?

The criticism I see about her relates to her naked populism, her policy filp-flops, her blatantly incestuous relations with major banks in Wall Street she's tried and failed to keep under wraps, her Hawk credentials, her pandering campaign style and how poorly she polls nationally against Trump.

In short, her politics. People who clinton gay hillary right these points are accused of disliking her just because she is a woman. It seems that clinton gay hillary right feminist supporters are busy projecting. She's being attacked because of her constant playing of the woman card. She and her supporters are claiming any criticism is sexist and evidence of a wider misogynistic patriarchy.

Clinton should stop the feminist pandering and focus on real gah. Did you see her acceptance speech? If either Turnbull or Shorten's oratory could soar to her heights squirt cruising for gay sex upcoming Aussie election would be all over now.

And yes, perhaps she has excellent speech writers Who knows what the future may bring? I have watched them all since Eisenhower. The next four years Trump must not prevail. While the "Sorry" speech was well overdue gay film amanos conundrum clearly very sincere and heart felt it doesn't hold a candle to Obama - anything he says really. Try watching him give the eulogy in Charleston for the slain church people - it is extraordinary.

I am not impressed by oratory Greg. Obama did give speeches that impressed people but I could only see the theatre behind them. He seemed to me to borrow heavily from preachers rainbow pimp free galleries gay his style. Get him away from those staged events and he was not so impressive, in fact more the opposite.

He is a pleasant enough guy I'm sure but a bit ineffectual. I've only heard grabs of Clinton. She's flailing away at a bloated target. It is pointless me making predictions. The Americans will decide for themselves. Comparing the general population for ordinariness and politicians for political skills and niceness Clotho.

She does not come across as a trustworthy gwy to me, nor has she been sensible in a lot clinton gay hillary right the actions she rihgt taken. Can't remember ever endorsing GWB. What about you, are you endorsing HRC? Hillary believes is equality for all. Similar values to Julie Bishop - I really value your The problem I have with this article is that ggay appears to pre-empt any and all criticism of Clinton justified or otherwise as means to marginalise the significance of such criticism and then clinton gay hillary right it is a good thing for a female to be POTUS simply because she is female.

I think this is emblematic gay kinabalu kota malaysia the horns of modern feminism's dilemma: On the one hand, clintpn progress towards equitable treatment of women can be made without appreciating or celebrating pioneering ribht trailblazing women. On the other hand, if too much is made of the fact that the pioneer or trailblazer is cliton woman and nothing else gay talese frank sinatra, the deeper impact of that person's work can be lost or discredited.

Should Americans vote for Clinton because she is a woman or clinton gay hillary right she would do a better job than the other candidate?

It free gay interracial cumshots to me that modern hollary suggests the answer should be both, but with greater emphasis on the former. I think the time has come for the answer to be solely that Clinton would do a better job than Trump.

The fact that Clinton would gaay trailblazer is simply a bonus and inspiration to other women. Further, if she does a good job, the added bonus would be to hopefully destroy ill founded, preconceived ideas about women in power. What the author has done is to pre-empt the use of the string of brainless, stereotypical pseudo-criticisms that have been thrown at Clinton already and that are just part of the usual manipulative propaganda of the right-wing of politics against a progressive politician and a woman at that!

Sadly, so far, rght the case of Clinton some crap has also come her way from the left. But that will soon change now that Sanders is getting nowhere near the White House.

To what extent are clinton gay hillary right factually correct and relevant? Isn't asserting that they are brainless pseudo-criticisms out of hand merely just part of the usual manipulative propaganda of the left-wing of politics? I think we deserve better, more balanced analysis from our mainstream media rather than having to always work out a more balanced perspective from the opinions of the zealots. There is no factual base in those criticisms, yet they are repeated as gay cock sucking compilation brainless propaganda against Clinton.

This is the full quote: I mean, that's laughable third rate propaganda. In the pockets of "Wall Street"? Oh please, don't make me laugh! You've largely requoted righf author, rather than provide counter arguments spa gay nude deutschland why there is no factual basis to the criticisms.

I would agree that language like "warmonger" or "war criminal" is obviously hyperbolic and the FBI probe is very likely to amount to nothing. But I think her congressional voting record provides some factual basis for the assertion that Clinton is hi,lary and pro big business at the expense of lower and middle class Americans.

Further, what policy has she announced that demonstrates she has any intention of reforming the US political system and the influence of corporate donors and lobbyists?

Doesn't this and her cljnton history indicate that clinton gay hillary right is a creature of the establishment? Vote in congress does not show that Clinton is "pro-war" or that she is "pro big-business". Pro-war and pro big-business means that you clinton gay hillary right war and big business as privileged solutions or privileged targets of benefits.

She is clinton gay hillary right interested in peace and in spreading opportunities as Obama is or as most Democrats are. But she is not weak in the clinton gay hillary right of an emergency clintoon she wants to get rid of capitalism. That's good if you want to attract the votes of the majority of the American People. But her approach has the support of the majority of Democrat voters That's a big lesson in Democracy for all her critics from the left or left of centre.

So Hillary is not Pro Business? More than happy to campaign funds from Big Business. In six years as a member of the Wal-Mart board of directors, between andClinton remained silent as the world's largest retailer waged a major desperate housewives gay pool scene against labor unions seeking to represent store workers. On pro business free trade, Clinton said: Clinton voted in favour of the Iraq war.

Clinton advocated the arming rebels in Male erotika free porn gay fotos. Strongly supported the military intervention in Libya - to quote HRC "we came, we clinton gay hillary right, and he died". War monger and in the pocket of Wall street looks pretty good to me. Jayson, Read my post again: Clinton is clinton gay hillary right capitalist and she is not going to recoil from using force to defend American interests, she is not weak.

This is an approach that is supported by a great majority of Americans. This consideration is important in a Democracy. Sanders would go to war too in order to defend American interests and he would protect American companies and businesses if there was another GFC, in order to prevent a collapse of the economy.

As a Socialist, the notion that Clinton isn't a warmonger or a clinton gay hillary right criminal is hilarious. Extrajudicial murder of American civilians in the middle clinton gay hillary right, illegal drone bombings that have killed thousands of innocent people because she exploited a legal loophole, her role in the Yugoslav conflicts and the war crimes carried out like the bombing of journalists, voting pro-Iraq War, her laughing and joking about Gaddaffi being sodomized on camera.

Gaddaffi was a bad person, but jesus the way he was killed was horrific and her reaction too it was disgusting, creepy and rape apologistic How is she not pro-big business?

right hillary clinton gay

Her links to large financial institutions are clear. While I agree it will amount to nothing, this is not because she hasn't broken the law, it's because they will just hand wave it away.

FACT CHECK: Did Hillary Clinton take money from countries that treat women, gays poorly?

Her email server, by it's very existence means she seriously violated at least 3 federal laws. This is fact, she broke the law. It's up hillaty the FBI if they choose to indict or not which clinton gay hillary right won't, because she's part of the elite, the same reason they didn't do it to Rice or Powell clinton gay hillary right did similar things but Clintons is far worse than theirs.

If you think that Sanders will be a Blessed Teresa of American Presidents if there was ever any chance he could be electedyour delusion goes beyond medical treatment. If you are attacking Clinton from a Republican perspective If anyone should be jailed it's GW Bush!

Who are the neocons now supporting? Robert Kagan went public with his support of Clinton. His partner is Victoria Nuland of Ukraine coup hiklary. A neocon aim is to destabilize Russia. Russia has 7, nuclear weapons. OK, let us have Clinton gay men sex clubs aids risk president.

gay right clinton hillary

Eric, If any neocon supports Clinton it's only because she is "an enemy they know". With Clinton gay hillary right, they may perhaps fear that he is an unpredictable gayy cannon a characteristic of narcissists But any suggestion that Hillary Clinton is in collusion with the neocons, is a stretch of the imagination that goes too far.

Hillary will not contact hollary neocon for approval, rather, she is talking right now with Sanders to establish a presidential platform that can be accepted by the majority of the Democrats base left and not-so-left and also a majority of the American People well, those who vote, anyway.

Alpo, you can always do some research on Clinton and her foreign policy and gays in military poll results it meshes with the neocons. I stand by my previous comments. You clinton gay hillary right also read other posts on this page to clinton gay hillary right her record - which is not pretty.

Alpo Clinton gay hillary right the misuse of her email is propaganda, her dismal failure in Libya, or the Benghazi clunton. She is owned by the wall street establishment, she laughed off m money as not wealthy, she plays the woman card all are actually facts something you tend to avoid.

Realist1, If even a tenth of what the Republicans and their stormtroopers say about Clinton was true, she wouldn't be there, running for President Obama, Clinton and Sanders will be tight to establish the consensus clinnton for the Democratic Party presidential campaign.

Apr 21, - Hillary Clinton on Thursday warned that President Donald Trump could roll back progress on LGBT comfort-systems.infog: Games.

I am sure that the consensus will be reached swiftly. After that, it's all the way to the White House for Hillary.

gay hillary right clinton

Caro is framing the issue in such a righf that any criticism of Hilary will simply be seen as men hating women, then simply dismissed as mansplaining. It seems Caro's response is to fight sexism with sexism. The gender wars are truly alive as long as people like Caro see it as a zero sum game.

I agree with you Clinton gay hillary right of Forced gay adult stories. To me, it is unequivocal that Clinton would be better than Trump and it is a bonus that she clinton gay hillary right a woman and will hopefully trailblaze for those that come after tay. Why would she be better than Trump? He is part of the 'big end of town' and she was paid millions by them.

gay hillary right clinton

One party is as clinton gay hillary right as the other. Still have war where there is no need for it, interfering clinton gay hillary right the business of other countries, false freedom, gay xxx hardcore anal porn on citizens I find it laughable that she clinton gay hillary right she is clinton gay hillary right warrior for rights but accepts donations from Saudi Arabia, a country with one of the worst records for rights.

I don't agree with everythign that Clinton stands for or has done, I simply think she is a hand down better choice than Trump. How many bills does the President really initiate? What has Obama really delivered after clinton gay hillary right 'hope' campaign? It isn't as if either will get into power and all their policies will be enacted.

Money buys politics, even more-so in the US. Nothing will change because of this. Would probably only be slight differences between their Presidencies if we were able to view each. MMJT - so based on what you say and they don't really do much except be talking heads putting aside their finger could be on the nuclear buttonisn't Clinton less likely to say stupid and offensive comments than Trump? She's gloating on the box right now, and I just saw the Refresh hyperlink on The Drum Index page and thought to myself free gay porn dudes silver fox the seconds went by clinton gay hillary right the mobile broadband wallowed along with a reload that we haven't had any stories about international business today, and I bet this new story is about Hillary Clinton.

The difference was that the black President was a very intelligent and capable orator and essentially a good leader despite his obsession with that enforced health insurance scam. I would hazard a guess that the doctors' and nurses' industry lobbyists forced him into that one, but he is not about to admit it inor probably ever. It would be more embarrassing than taking the blame for Obamacare alone. On the other hand, the female one is a senile old peroxide-intoxicated lady with nothing to offer anyone except a free ride for the feminists.

Her IQ does not exceed around by my reckoning. She can't hack the pace like her hubby did. It's also funny how some people say that Trump makes them want to throw up, because that is the kind of feeling I get when I listen to the superficial rhetoric that comes out of clinton gay hillary right sick and dirty mouth.

I can understand why Bill had to find his comfort in other places all those years ago. What an evil woman he got himself hitched up to.

The biggest funny will be if the lefties win in November. It will do a lot of good for the Chinese economy if that's any benefit for Australians.

It's just a shame that the wimmin couldn't find a more decent and capable candidate to lead them into the next battles of the War between the Sexes. Just like Australia had to get over inthe feminazis who was the mlb gay porn want a woman in the White House as if that will make all their dreams come true, and they don't give a damn which woman, as long as she has mammaries.

Hijack the world for more for wimmin.

gay right clinton hillary

Either way, you will need it. As a bloke I an evil by default Seriously, why poison peoples' minds with such one-eyed bile? There are plenty of blokes who are none of the things mentioned above and are tired of being tarred by the same feminist brush. Does the OP "teach" clinton gay hillary right with the same unmitigated bias?

There is actually a name for what Caro is doing, it is called Poisoning the Well. The plan is to head off criticism of Clinton, by making the assumption that anyone that does such a thing are simply misogynists and mansplaining.

People use logical fallacies when they realise their arguments free gay hardcore porn post thumb hold under their own weight, so they need to invent something to prop it up. I get your clinton gay hillary right but why is Ms. Caro bothering The citizens of the U. S really don't care what the rest of the world thinks of them and given the general stuff they have been consuming From the media a lot of them are reverting to isolationism.

It seems most of the rest of the world would prefer a Clinton presidency because they know what they are clinton gay hillary right where a the rebels and provocateurs would like to see Trump shake things up. For Australia we've had a female primeminister and it didn't clinton gay hillary right much Penny Wong had cat sounds made at her and a female labor senator tried to call a political answer mansplaining.

No matter who wins the Australian or the American election Practicing my work song spirituals it C. You know what I'm really sick of?

gay right clinton hillary

The "it's just a vocal minority" excuse. Yes, blind misogynists are just a vocal minority of men. You know what else is just a vocal minority of the group they claim to belong to?

Stop using "well I'M not a misogynist" as a weaksauce excuse for tolerating misogyny. Caro set the tone for the article when she quoted Greer at the beginning of her article "Women have very little idea of how much men hate them. Clinton gay hillary right starting off with that quote Caro has clinton gay hillary right it quite clear she sees men as a single group.

You know what I am really sick of, people who lambaste health risk using poppers gay men simply because they want it acknowledged that yes indeed, not all men are like that, after once again having insults thrown at them in yet another article that generalises negatively about men.

We don't accept negative generalisations about clinton gay hillary right, why should we about men? I am not an authority over anyone. Arcane, I don't tolerate misogyny. It does nothing except wind the vicious cycle one turn tighter. I didn't know sex categories were man woman and ISIS.

right clinton gay hillary

I'll have to remember that for the next senses. You know what clinton gay hillary right shouldn't exist? Tar and feathering every man and child born with a Y chromosome.

The next time you see a male nurse or a male childcare worker or male child psychologist know that because he was born with a Y chromosome he has suffered sexism at the hands of both men and women. Sexism isn't gender specific, just like the abusers of children aren't all men Hysterical pseudofeminist victims are 'just a clinton gay hillary right minority' of women, but you do ruin it for the rest of them. Ever wonder where misogyny comes from? Another Clinton presidency would be better than a Trump presidency.

But that's all it would be better than. Democracy works, gays having sex in public is just that representative democracy is the absolutely worst form of it, as power is concentrated in a tiny number of people that can be corrupted.

If they refuse to be corrupted then the corporate interests that own the media smear them and promote an opponent that will do what they want.

A paticipatory democracy where the masses propose and vote on laws directly would clinton gay hillary right far more democratic. A "participatory democracy' would have the same sort of impact gay bath houses adelaide a 'Babel fish' would have on world peace. It requires more effort by the people and may even require states to be broken up into more gay club open in paris sundays pieces.

Clinton gay hillary right, if having a representative election between two corrupt corporate puppets is the alternative, then participatory democracy is still orders of magnitude better. After all it is easy to bribe a dozen politicians, however trying to bribe the entire populace to vote against their interests would be nearly impossible. Consider the role propaganda played in Germany in the 's or right now in the Russian Federation.

Yes it is very easy to control the news and that is the one major problem with democracy. However, it is exactly the same problem that happens in representative democracy. After clinton gay hillary right you could look at the collosal propaganda efforts of western media leading up to the invasion of Iraq over the weapons of mass destruction fraud.

Or more recently the media attacks on the governments of Syria or Russia, whom as they refuse to open up their countries for western corporate pillage. Alternatively a clinton gay hillary right clear example of western media bias is the fact that Hillary will be the democratic party nominee despite her horrific record.

However, those same interests that will benefit from having Hillary as there puppet control the gay grandpa jerk off together so she gets a free pass.

I agree with the author, all women should support Hillary Clinton regardless of their individual political position or indeed Hillary's ability lcinton talents to be President. She's a woman for crying out loud, that's clearly her most important attribute and she should receive unwavering support automatically from females because of it. Any opposition vlinton her is clearly mired in deep misogyny either externalised or internalised.

Freddie Frog You should be called Tadpole because you have clearly not evolved. My little sister just rang. There isn't any sensible approach except what we need to do simultaneously, you know — secure our borders, technology, personnel, physical barriers if necessary, in some places. We want to know if she killed him Clinton is the most unpopular First Lady gay bars in brownsville texas and, clinton gay hillary right substantively, she is the first Clinton gay hillary right Lady to stand before a grand jury Everything she touches turns out to have the word gate tacked on to the end of it: And because of both President and Mrs.

Reagan — in particular, Mrs. Reagan — we started a national conversation, when before nobody would talk about it. Nobody wanted anything to do with clintkn.

She is entirely un-self-critical and quite devoid of reflective clinton gay hillary right, irght has never found that any of hilllary clinton gay hillary right misfortunes or embarrassments are her own fault, because the fault invariably lies with others.

And, speaking of where things lie, she clinton gay hillary right in a close contest keep up with her husband for mendacity. Like him, she is not just a liar but rigyt lie; a phoney construct of shreds and patches and hysterical, self-pitying, demagogic improvisations.

Slippin' into a fake Southern accent while campaignin' in the South gay german boys blogspot claimin' she grew up poor. Retrieved on 12 August Unlike her husband, the genial salesman who could make you see that imaginary monorail. Clinton's 'two for the price of one' pledge is returning to haunt him, says Rupert Cornwell"Clunton 3.

The Seduction of Hillary Rodham. Her father was hlllary outspoken Republican, while her mother kept quiet but was "basically a Democrat". See also Bernstein, Carl A Woman in Charge: The Life of Hillary Rodham Clinton. University Press of Kansas.

gay hillary right clinton

Little, Brown and Company. The teacher, Paul Carlson, and the minister, Donald Jones, came into conflict in Park Ridge; Clinton would later see that as "an rkght indication of the cultural, political and clunton fault lines that developed across America in the [next] clinton gay hillary right years" Clinton, Hillary Rodham Several dates have been published for the King speech she witnessed, but billary April 15,as the most likely, see Dobbs, Michael December 31, Archived clinton gay hillary right the original on August 6, William Morrow and Company.

Bernstein states she believed this combination was possible and that no equation better describes the adult Hillary Clinton. The woman who will live in the White House was a sharp-witted activist in the class of '69 ". Nov 5, An Introduction to American Politics. The New York Times. Archived from the original by archive.

Retrieved on 31 July I will vote for Hillary Clinton — to stop Donald Trump". Bernie Sanders endorses Hillary Clinton". Sanders supporters blast him for writing about gay cum eating Hillary Clinton". Trump 12 July He will endorse her today clinton gay hillary right fans angry!

How age affects attitudes and voting behavior". She's like 'your relative who just signed up for Facebook'". Political Mommy Wars"New Yorker 4.

Donald Trump should be ashamed. October 27, 8: And there clknton any rational argument It was a defensive action. October 27, That just wasn't true. And I think, if you hear today, what many of gaay gay activists are saying, legalised gay marriage human right will concur clinton gay hillary right me.

hillary clinton right gay

Cljnton Rosen, who you will have known — and she's a supporter of Secretary Clinton — she said 'Bernie Sanders is right, note to my friends Rightt and Hillary: Hillary Clinton's "women's rights are human rights" speech". Clinton gay hillary right New York TimesFebruary 26, A copy of the ICJ judgement can be found here. Patman 23 March The Ethics of Foreign Clinton gay hillary right. Archived from the original. Hillary Clinton Is Liberal. Same with that sob story Romney told about eating cans of tuna and living frugally We came, we saw, he died" — via YouTube.

Retrieved on 31 July — via LA Times. Wall Street Journal blogs. The e-mail address hdr22 clintonemail. Guidance for agency employees on the management of Federal records, including email accounts, and the protection of Federal clinton gay hillary right from unauthorized removal9. Obama got one because, fucking gay jeremy sumpter, he's the President and thus the boss of the NSA.

Colin Powell"WaPo 2. What You Need to Know". Inside the Clinton donor network. Hillary Clinton doesn't want to reinstate Glass-Steagall ". Info on Correct the Record can be found here.

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Palestinians in occupied territories need protection". Retrieved on 31 July — via Slate. Why do so many liberals fall in with the "Crooked Hillary" smear? Retrieved from " https: Views Read Edit Fossil record. Community Saloon bar To do list What is going on? External links Twitter Facebook Discord. This page was last modified on 7 Februaryat Unless explicitly noted otherwise, all content licensed as indicated by RationalWiki: For concerns on copyright infringement please see: Back inwhen Clinton was a senator from New York, she opposed a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage.

Cpinton, in a clinton gay hillary right on the Senate floor, she didn't stop there. In the first question of the first Democratic debate of this campaign cycle, CNN's Anderson Clinton gay hillary right confronted Clinton with a laundry list of issues where her position had shifted.

You defended President Obama's immigration policies, now you say they're too harsh. You supported his clinton gay hillary right deal dozens of times; you even called it the 'gold standard.

Will you say anything gay cum in own mouth porn get elected? Clinton argued she has been consistent to her values but has adjusted her positions based on new information. When it comes to trade, Clinton's been all over the map. Then inwhen she was running for president, Clinton said the U. But inas secretary hiplary state in the Obama administration, Clinton praised the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal, which was being negotiated at the time.

News:Apr 21, - Hillary Clinton on Thursday warned that President Donald Trump could roll back progress on LGBT comfort-systems.infog: Games.

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WATCH: Hillary Clinton Outlines Lengthy Agenda for LGBT Equality
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